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Andy Biersack My Modern Day Hero

No description

Faye Baines

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Andy Biersack My Modern Day Hero

Andy Biersack : My Modern Day Hero
Black Veil Brides
Andy is my hero because he overcame bullies and is now known as a very famous singer in rock/ glam metal/ screamo music world.
He is inspiring lots of people to achieve their goals like he did.
Not a lot of people can make him sad, he just ignores the negative comments and focuses on the positives.
He started from the bottom and worked his way to the top.
He has a number of various awards and a worldwide group of fans.

Andy and his girlfriend Juliet Simms
Black Veil Brides in 'The Legacy' Music Video
Black Veil Brides
Andy Biersack = Modern Day Hero
Andy in 'Knives and Pens' Music Video
Andy is the only founding member left in the group
He is the main vocalist in the group
It was formed it 2006
It was based on a band made by Andy when he was 14 called 'Biersack'
In September 2009 BVB signed with the independent label StandBy Records
In December 2009 the band embarked on there first US tour called 'On Leather Wings'
The group's debut album We Stitch These Wounds was released in July 20, 2010 and sold over 10,000 copies in is first week
Andrew Dennis Biersack was born on 26th December 1990
He was grew up in Cincinnati , Ohio
He was bullied at school for being an emo
This bulling was re-enacted in his music video for the song 'Knives and Pens'
He left school before graduating to further his potential musical carieer
He has other names such as Andy Six , Andy Sixx, Andy 6 etc
In The Beginning...
Why He Is My Hero
Here is Andy performing his song 'In The End'
A Quote from Andy about Bullying :
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