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Custom Home

No description

Charlie Fuller

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Custom Home

Charlie Fuller
Construction, Period 3
25, May, 2011 Step One...
Step one was designing three homes in Broderbund home designer, these homes had certain specifications, such as: 1) They needed to be between 900 and 1100 square feet, because they were a starter home. 2) They had to have traditional styling, a bright cheery interior, and a spacious kitchen, all of which was able to acheive in this process. And: 3) they had to be "up to code" which was basicly these three things: Had to have a window in every room, doors had to swing IN to the rooms, and had to be at least a foot (2 inches on our models) from your property line. We did this so we could have something to base our homes that we would actually build later off of. I liked this step because I liked the program, I thought it was fun and a good start to the project. Step two...
Step two was turning in our designs which we had gotten our Mom or Dad to pick their favorite and we had to have that one, and getting our materials. We did this because Moms are the primary buyiers of homes, so, we figured that we would as them which design was the best. I liked this step because it was getting closer to the actual building process, which has always been my favorite part. Step Three...
Step three was starting the actual build process starting with designing our North wall, this was the wall parallel to the wall with the front door, as far as I know there was no apparent reason for choosing this particular wall. We Did this to begin the building process. I liked this step for the same reason as before, we were begining the actual build process. Step Four...
Step four was building our east wall, this was just another step, because we were moving along in the directions (North, South, East, West.) We did this because (surprise) it was the next step in the build process, along with East coming after North. I liked this step, and it was fairly simple because my east wall only had one window, wheras my North wall had three. Step Five...
Step five was building our south wall. This we did so we could have a front door, or really a wall on the front side of the house. We also did this so we could move on in the build process. I liked this step although it was fairly difficult to construct this wall because it was made up of 5 seperate walls with two bay windows and a front door. I thought it turned out pretty well in the final product. Step Six...
Step six was designing our west wall. This step was just moving along in the build process, and we put it on the house to complete our exterior walls. I liked this step because at this point, I had gotten used to putting in doors and windows, which I had no shortage of on the west wall. Step Seven...
Step seven was designing my first interior wall, it was the main wall that both bedrooms, the bathroom, and the laundry room led off of. We did this to give the inside of our house some character, and to meet the criteria. I liked this step because it was moving on from exterior walls, and I was beginning to see my house finally come together. Step Eight...
Step eight was building the walls that led south off of my main interior wall, they were the bedroom walls and bathroom wall. I did this to separate the rooms from one another, and move on in the build process. I liked this step because I could see the house coming together and it was relatively easy, I basicly just had to build a 4" X 4" wall with 4" studs, so it went by quick. Step Nine...
Step nine was constructing the laundry room and a walk-in closet, both of these were neccesary to meet the criteria. I did this step both to meet the criteria, along with to complete my house. I liked this step for that very reason, I thought the final product turned out well. Step Ten...
Step ten was Mr. Hampton grading our project on how similar it was to our design we made in Broderbund. Then we displayed it in the library. We did this to see how our house turned out in the end and also to display it for other Les Bois students. I liked this step because I thought my house turned out very well, and I ended up getting 100%, overall I liked this project best for construction.
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