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Problematic Acids

No description

Kirsten Kleinschmidt

on 15 December 2015

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Transcript of Problematic Acids

Problematic Acids
Lets think...
What Causes acid rain?
Effects of Acid Rain
Draw this table in your book...
Impact of Acid Rain
Now that you know how acid rain is made and the effect it has on different things, it's time to think about it's wider impact.
LO: To describe the consequences of Acid Rain.
Remember to write in
full sentences!
Can you think of a time when these might ever be a problem for yourself and the environment?

Talk to the person you're say next to about what you both think the cause of acid rain might be?
Read through this information and answer these questions in your book.
1) What are the three gases which cause acid rain?
2) Write a paragraph describing where these gases come from.
...Then conduct some research to help you complete the table.
You know what causes acid rain, but why is it such a bad thing?
Try to use your brain to answer these questions.
1) What effect will loads of fish dying have on
i) The Ecosystems?
ii) The people living in the area?

2) Can you predict any problems caused by a building eroding away?
Construct a simple equation for the formation of sulfuric acid from the dissolving of sulphur trioxide into water.
Want to push yourself even further?
Try to write out a symbol equation as well.
Before you go...
Look back at your LO.
Write a sentence in your book describing how you have met your LO.
If you do not think you have met your LO, explain why and write down what you are going to do to ensure you can meet it before next lesson.
16th December 2015
Write your ideas into your book.
Click on the diagram to enlarge!
Now What?
Now that you've learnt about why acid rain is such a bad thing and the wider impact it can have, what are you going to do about it.
1) Write down 3 ways that you could recude the amount of acid rain.
2) Write a letter to your local council explaining the problems caused by acid rain and suggest ideas of how it could be reduced.
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