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Shams Rary Human Right 5-511 2017

No description

Mrs. Fornataro

on 9 November 2016

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Transcript of Shams Rary Human Right 5-511 2017

Shams Rary Human Right 5-511 2017
The UDHR states that ever one in the world has human right in the world.It dose not matter where you are no one can take them away from you.The UDHR says that if your area is in war you have the right to leave the area.You can go to a hole different state.You area could be in war so you might want to flee some people will tell you to go back.
Human Rights
This article 26 is one of the most important article.It allows you to get a education. You have the right to go to school.You also have a right to send your child with out the worries to be afraid of them being hurt.
Article 26
The UDHR is about if some hurts you have the right hurts you have the right to leave the area. But you do not have the right to leave if you have killed some one and your not using it for protect you or some one else.This right allows you not be tormented.
Article 5
The UDHR say that you have the right to not be a slave. No one can or should be treated as a slave.It also says that you should not be treated unfairly.It also says that you have the right to live life.
Article 4
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