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Psychological Perspectives

No description

Joseph Miller

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Psychological Perspectives

Psychological Perspectives Promotes free will and positive view of human nature
Hierarchy of Needs
Promotes group therapy Humanistic Psychology Cognitive Psychology Today Solves problems with gender differences
One of the most prominent psych schools of thought Information-Processing Theory TIHAS CASLSROOM RCOKS
SHOCOL IS AEWSMOE Cognitive Psychology Gestalt Psychology
Information-Processing Theory Psychoanalysis You are controlled by unconscious impulses
Conflict between conscious/unconscious mental processes
Has recently diminished Psychoanalysis (cont.) Behaviorism (cont.) Behavior is determined by factors in the environment.
No need to study the mind; study the environment that causes the behavior. Thinking like a computer Information-Processing Theory Cognitive Psychology Combination of ____ and ____
Studies mental processes Humanistic Psychology Popularized by Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers Popularized by . . . Psychoanalysis Behaviorism (cont.) Skinner: Walden Two
Operant Conditioning/Skinner’s Box
Free will?!? Behaviorism Popularized by B.F. Skinner Behaviorism John B. Watson
“Science of behavior”
Observable, measurable, ________ Information-Processing Theory (cont.) The old woman was sweeping the steps. Gestalt Psychology Individuals perceive objects as whole units rather than individual parts
Phi phenomenon Humanistic Psychology Created as a response to ____ and ____.
Focuses on the uniqueness of human beings and their ability to make decisions.
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