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Stretch-N-Grow Int'l. Inc.

Specializing in kid fitness!

Donald Mann

on 14 September 2011

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Transcript of Stretch-N-Grow Int'l. Inc.

S.W.O.T. Problem Solution Marketing Lots of $$ with a comfortable relaxing
lifestyle : ) Competition Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Business
Model Business Pitch for Stretch-n-Grow LACK of fitness in young children! Provide a local Stretch-N-Grow!! Get your kids in ACTION! Low start-up COST $500-1000.
Low franchise fee $28,600
Proven Track Record
$18 billion dollar industry!!
Promoting healthier lifestlyes
BOOMING industry!! Economy
Afterschool programs
YMCA Huge potential for growth!
Limitless $$ making potential
Flexible freedom for LIFE!!
Be your OWN boss
Be beneficial to YOUTH List the main threats Stretch-n-Grow is home based. Meaning lower
overhead costs because you do not need a rental space.
You set your own schedule.
Determine how much or how little you want to make.
On going TRACK RECORD of 17 years!!
Reccession Resistant
On going demand.
EXTENSIVE Support, Training, and other resources. Add some details Add some details Partner with other programs to get BRAND recognition Apple Tree
Kinder Care
Kids Inc.
YES Timeline 2013 2011 Launch Team Ready Break even Beta out Executive
Summary Financing Team ! A turn-key, minimal risk,
steady growth and relatively
low investment requirement. Kids fitness focus program. Myself and proActive
EveryWHERE Other daycare programs! $$$$$$$ My access to bank lines through my family will allow me the ability to acquire the cash flow needed to make this endeavor FLOAT! Let's get
America's youth to
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