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Pacific Theater

No description

Matt Baker

on 21 November 2017

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Transcript of Pacific Theater

Pacific Theater
Table of Contents
Page: Pacific Theater
Page: The Atom Bomb


I will assess America's decisions during the War in the Pacific
Pacific Theater (1941-1945)
Island Hopping Campaign
Japanese Surrender (1945)
Atomic Bomb (Aug. 1945)
Writing Prompt
Executive Order 9066 - Japanese Internment
February 1942
Inscribed on Hiroshima Memorial:
"Let all the souls here rest in peace; this mistake shall not be repeated."
"If we'd lost the war, we'd all have been prosecuted as war criminals." - General Curtis LeMay
-Hiroshima & Nagasaki bombed in August 1945
-Little Boy - nuclear weapon created by Manhattan Project in secret
Was America's decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan justified? Use evidence from your "details sheet" to construct your essay.
Paragraph 1:
Was it justified? (thesis + list of reasons)
Paragraph 2:
Detailed reasons with evidence
Paragraph 3:
Counterargument & conclusion
After Pearl Harbor, Franklin D. Roosevelt releases Executive Order 9066, to appease American fear of the Japanese by putting them in internment camps.
Let's read.
Allied Commander:
General MacArthur
-Pearl Harbor, 1941
-Surprise Japanese attack on US naval base
-Battle of Midway, 1942
-Decisive US victory, US was able to decode Japanese war plans
-US sunk 4 Japanese carriers
-Philippines Campaign, 1945
-Allies take back the Philippines, "Death of Japanese Empire"
Battle Timeline
-US strategy was to isolate Japan from its colonies, "Island Hopping"
-Japan's goal was to take out US naval fleet, "awoke a sleeping giant"
-US forces fire-bombed Tokyo, huge casualties
- Japan used kamikaze techniques to blitz the American fleets
Should the United States continue building weapons of mass destruction? Why?
-Iwo Jima, 1945
-US forces fought for airstrips
-Most intense battle of the Pacific War
-US Marines fought on barren land, sneak attacks by Japanese fighting from tunnels
-Okinawa, 1945
-82 days of brutal warfare, horrific places
-Lots of civilians lost in the crossfire (150,000 Japanese civilian casualties)
Battle Timeline, continued
-Japan Surrenders on September 2, 1945
-Never been an international trial or hearing about America's decision to drop the bomb on Japan that was successful
-Geneva Conventions, 1949
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