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Irving Case Competition

No description

Ian Foster

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of Irving Case Competition

Irving Accounting Case Fantastic Forest Products Outline Fantastic Forest Products Accounting Issues Wayward Woodlands Forestry Accounting Issues Acquisition Issues Concerning The Purchase Of Wayward Woodlands Forestry Expensing vs Capitalization of Logging Roads A Significant Customer Enters Bankruptcy Protection Accounting For Amortization How To Handle Land Improvements Operating Leases Financial Ratios and Affect on the Financial Statements Accounting For Equipment Replacement Expensing Capitalization Troubled Debt Restructuring
Settlement vs Continuation With Modifications
Which option is the best for FFP? Accounting for the Equipment and Spare Parts
Accounting for the disposition of the Equipment
Accounting for the remaining Spare Parts Questions? *Additional Information Provided in Exhibit 1 *Additional Information Provided in Exhibit 2 *Additional Information Provided in Exhibit 3 *Additional Information Provided in Exhibit 4 Capital Lease vs Operating Lease
Leased Equipment Disclosure and Presentation
Lease Income Disclosure and Presentation

Expensing vs Capitalization
Affect on Financial Statements *Additional Information Provided in Exhibit 5 Other Acquisition Issues Recommendations Government Required Silviculture Expenses
Potential Revenue From Bought Timerlands
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