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The Future of PRCLS - Original

No description

Carol Phares

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of The Future of PRCLS - Original

Where do we go from here?
What does the library system
contribute to the community?
First, we must look at funds
as they come to the library now.
Steady funding, some shortage of Homestead Exemption.
We've taken the biggest hit from the county.
Library U
Lunch-time lectures
Linda has worked
hard to build bridges
within the 2 cities and the county . . .
What can we do to build even
more bridges in the community?
Internet classes
Outreach to area institutions (day-cares, convalescent homes, etc.)
E-Commerce classes
E-Government classes
Recruit experts
who will teach others
about their skills or knowledge.
Annual Book Sale
The next Director has
some tough shoes to fill
The library system offers . . .
She has established rock-solid partnerships upon which to build.
Genealogy Club
Friends' of Crosby Memorial Library
Friends' of Poplarville Public Library
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Community of Christians
Helping Youth
Picayune Writer's Group
Build a 3rd branch
Interactive blogs
Social Networking
Holding steady and we appreciate it very much!
Opt-in Email Newsletter
Online Book Discussions
Links to needed websites:
Homework Help
Community News
Online Public Library
Youtube How-to Videos

* Any of the Friends' programs
* Ms. Sylvia's Story Hour
Post videos of:
* Tutorials of how to use the library's database
* How to read to young children
What is that?
"Ok, these are grand ideas,
but how does the library system
fund all this and more during
these slow economic times?"
I suppose you are
thinking right now,
Funding also comes from .
That has been cut as well.
Other Sources of Funding
Friends' groups
Host a job fair
PRC Community Band
Pearl River County
Library System
And of course, books.
We receive from &
are very grateful for:

What else can we do?
A foundation, as a 501(c)3, can search for and write grants.
The Board of the foundation may have a different agenda than the Trustees of the library system.
Patrons can endow the library.
More money could be held at one time.
This will help the library system save for capital improvement projects.
May be very expensive to start.
May be harder to get money away from the foundation for needed projects.
Flynn Berry wrote that you should never use the word

"opportunity." It's not an opportunity, it's an obligation.

I don't think we have any choice. I think we have an

obligation to change the rules, to raise the bar, to play a

different game, and to play it better than anyone has any

right to believe is possible.

Seth Godin, "Tribes"
Mission Statement for PRCLS
P Providing service, technology, reading & reference materials
R Respecting the freedoms & rights of each individual
C Carefully planning for the future
L Listening to patron needs and concerns
S Supporting the people and communities of Pearl River County
Selected applicants will be required to make a visual presentation on libraries’ contributions to the community and library funding imperatives during the final interview sessions.

* LSTA (Library Services and Technology Act grant);
* Personnel grant;
* Many smaller grants that fund everything from the
"Books to Go" program to replacing classic
stories in the juvenile collection.
Library Leadership Institute
What else can we do?
How about . . .
Pearl River County
Library System
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