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"Everyday Use"- By Alice Walker

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Melanie Fougere

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of "Everyday Use"- By Alice Walker

In the short story "Everyday Use" by Alice Walker, the theme portrayed is family, and how people take advantage of this. The theme shows that family is something that should be remembered and should always be important. We as humans though, overtime, become more and more adapted to what we have and begin to take advantage of a family, almost like how humans take advantage of objects. Everyday Use This image of a car is an example of something we as a population take advantage of every day. Vehicles have become part of everyday use. In fact, people use cars even when it is not necessary. This is an example of how an everyday use of an object such as a car becomes a necessity in ones life, and is then taken advantage of. In this video, there is a little girl dancing on her own and trying to get away from the bad people dressed in black who are pulling her in, and trying to be pulled away by the people in white as well. They are all taking advantage of her, even the people who know her in white, because they are all attacking her. In the end, she fights everyone off, and the people who know her leave her be, because they realize that she needed to do this on her own. This is Alice Walker This song to me shows the regrets of taking advantage of someone. As i said, once someone gets used to something, such as a family, we begin to take advantage of it. It becomes ordinary to a person. This relates to the short story "Everyday Use" because the theme is family, how how overnight we start to take advantage of our family without even realizing. In the end though, it is always family that matters, and so the video shows that she regrets doing so, and would take it back if her father was still here. The picture shown above is also another example of a huge thing that we as society take advantage of every single day. There are so many soldiers out fighting for our freedom in Canada, and most people take advantage of this privilege and do not even know. Canada has been a free country for a long time, unlike a lot of countries in the world, and it is now just an expectation for those who live in Canada. I believe that if our country broke out into war, and humanity realized the horror in fighting a war, then our freedom would be much more appreciated and and taken less for granted. But the true reality is that we as Canadians are used to the way things are in our country.
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