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Indian Architecture

Presentation in Indian Architecture for middle schoolers

Jyoti Ganesh

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Indian Architecture

Indian Architecture: A History Architecture is

“The art and science of designing buildings and other physical structures” Think of Architecture as…

Objects of Art
Works of Engineering
Symbols of Politics & Culture Shilpa Shastra Indus Valley Civilization 1,300 BCE Houses were of bricks & timber
Towns were grid pattern with drainage & sewage systems
Public buildings - Citadel, Great Bath, Granaries
3,300 BCE 200 CE Rock-Cut &
Buddhist Architecture Cave Architecture, Rock-cut Architecture, Stupas & Pagodas
Building as a massive sculpture
Interior are inferior compared to majestic exteriors
Post and Beam construction

Dravidian & Vijaynagar
Architecture 1000 CE 2000 CE Mughal
Architecture Colonial
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