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Canadian Government Reacting To Ebola


Ali Alawadi

on 31 October 2015

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Transcript of Canadian Government Reacting To Ebola

Canadian government reacting to Ebola
what is Ebola?
Ebola is an infectious and generally fatal disease marked by fever and severe internal bleeding, spread through contact with infected body fluids by a virus ( Ebola virus ), whose normal host species is unknown.
Where does it take place?
Spread it three West African nations
Ebola virus
How did it happen?
The virus came back again to a small village in Guinea
How does it affect Canada?
Ebola can cause many deaths to canadians

By:Vinith, Ali
here is a short video:
It can spread to other country
If there is a person that has recently been to the west african region could affect other canadians, and may also spread to other country
Why did this event happen?

who is involved and affected in this article?
When did this event happen?
Ebola has been in several regions of west Africa
The people that recently been there could affect other people in Canada
Friday October, 3, 2014
Canada is involved of all suspended visa application from west African regions
1)How could we stop the spread of Ebola
2)Can we find a cure for this disease
3) Do you agree with the decision that Canada have taken?
What is the main idea of the article?
Main event of the issue
The spread of Ebola in the three African nations
African regions
A two year old toddler had the Ebola virus
The virus was spread in three African regions
Article head line introduction
"Canada imposes visa ban on three Ebola - hit countries
Canadian government reacting to issue by issuing visas to people from the three African regions
Canadian government issuing visas to people from the three African regions
How is the issue political?
It risks the public health of Canada
creates political arguments between Canada and the three African Nations
How is the issue controversial?
There is 2 sides of the argument
Canadian side who doesn't want people from the three West African regions
African side who believe they should be able to come to Canada
Who is involved from the government?
The federal citizenship ministry
Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leon
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