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The Evolution of Video Game Consoles

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Devin Zhou

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of The Evolution of Video Game Consoles

By Devin Zhou The Evolution of
Video Game Consoles The Past The Future 1958 Next "Tennis For Two" came out. It was played on the "Oscilloscope". Sadly it never became popular either. 1952 The very first video game was "Naughts and Crosses" it was played on the "Cathode Ray Amusement Device". Sadly it never became a hit. 1970 A man named Nolan Bushnell was inspired by a game called "Space Wars" and made the game, but connected it to a T.V. He put a case around it and created the first coin operated video game (Arcade Style). He called it Computer Space. 1972 Magnavox, a video game company made the "Odyssey". The first home video console. The Odyssey's only game was "Table Top Tennis " for the rest of the games you had to put an plastic overlay on your TV. The Odyssey never succeeded because of the price and the fact that the games had no rules. 1972 Nolan Bushnell was inspired by the "Magnavox Odessey". He started his own company called "Atari"and created another
video game. This time he created "Pong".
A game where two paddles hit a ball back and forth. Pong became a big hit and made about $200 a week! 1975 After the huge success of Pong, Atari decided to make a home video game console. It was called "Atari Telegames Pong System". This console started the era of home video game consoles. The company "Sears", yes the clothing store, bought 150,000 units and sold all of them! 1975 Magnavox released a new Video game console to compete against Atari. It was called the "Odyssey 100" After a few months the "Odyssey 200" came out. 1976 A new console that came out made a whole new feature to video game consoles called the "Fairchild Channel F". You could play new games by putting in a video game cartridge (sort of like disc's). 17 game cartridges were released. They even had a math game! 1977 The video game market was in a drought. Most the companies that made Pong rip-offs went bankrupt. Companies were also out of ideas ... except Atari. One of the most successful consoles, the "Atari VCS/Atari 2600" brought back video games. This console had new games, which was a breath of fresh air after seeing so many Pong rip offs. 1985 One of the most iconic consoles to the history of video games came out, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). 1986 The company "Sega" joined the console wars and released the "Sega Master System" to compete with the NES but the NES stayed on top. 1989 Sega, once again, released a new console to compete with Nintendo. This time they produced the "Sega Mega Drive/Genesis" (More commonly known as the Genesis). The Genesis did pretty successful unlike it's predecessor, the Master System 1991 The successor of the NES finally came out, and it was called the "Super Nintendo Entertainment System" (A.K.A SNES). It was also successful. It sold more than 49 million systems. This is extra but I thought I'd include this. One of the accessories for the NES was the "Power Glove". Sort of like the "Kinect" on the "Xbox 360" but with a glove and a sensor on top of your TV. 1996 This time Nintendo struck back with the "Nintendo 64". This console also did well, like the last few consoles Nintendo released. 1995 Sony joined into the console wars with the "PlayStation 1". The PlayStation had great graphics (looks) and a lot of fun games. 2000 Sony released the "PlayStation 2" (PS2). One of the most successful consoles of all time. 2001 Microsoft joined into the console wars, with it's first console the "Xbox". 1999 This was Sega's last strike in the history of video game consoles, the "Sega Dreamcast". Sadly the PS1 and Nintendo 64 were much more popular, and with the release of the "Xbox" and "PS2" coming soon, it was doomed. Here's one of the commercials for the Atari VCS/2600. This is the conclusion to the history of video games, let's look at the present now. 1994 This was Atari's last console and it was called the "Atari Jaguar". One of the biggest features was that it had 64 bit, which meant it was suppose to look really realistic, but the console had a confusing system and most of the games looked like 32 bit. Well at least it had a cool name. 1984 The "Atari 7800" was released, it was very similar to the last console the "Atari 5200", but it fixed the problems. This console didn't do well because it was dominated by the next console that was about to come out. The Present Now the console wars are between Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. Microsoft made their first move with the "Xbox 360". It was announced during a presentation on MTV. The release date was announced at the 2005 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) The Xbox 360 did extremely well. 2005 2006 Sony's new biggest rival (Microsoft) had released a console, so Sony released the "Playstation 3" (PS3). When the PS3 was released some crazy stuff happened, someone was robbed and lots of fights broke out, they also priced the PS3 at $500 while the Xbox 360 was $399. This took a huge strike at the sales of the PS3 and landed it on the "Top 21 Tech Screw ups of 2006". 2006 Nintendo jumps back in with the "Wii". The Wii had lots of cool feature like you could play with this controller: The game would interact with your motions when you moved it. This added a whole new concept to video games and later on lots of other companies would try this out. 2010 Mar 9, 2010 the Playstation Network (PSN) went down for "maintenance", because of hackers. Sony reports it was because of an "External Intrusion". The hackers may have been able to view people's credit card info, which was one of the biggest concerns. During this "maintenance" gamers were unable to sign into the PSN. After about 2 months the PSN came back up, and because of this inconvenience, Sony gave away a free game too every member of the PSN. Here's one of the of the advertisements for the Odyssey, that aired during 1973. Here's a commercial for a game called "Paper Boy" on the NES. This is a commercial for the Jaguar. A game called "Rachet and clank" is one of the popular games on the PS2. Here's the commercial. This was one of the Xbox's commercials. The commercial for "New Super Mario Bros.Wii" 2012 Microsoft changed their old homepage to fit in with "Windows 8". Before After 2010 Sony released a new add on to the PS3 called the "Playstation Move" which allowed you to move a controller to play a game. 2010 Microsoft also released a motion gaming add on to the Xbox 360 called "Kinect" which allowed you to play games with out a controller and with your body! 2010 At a gaming convention (E3) Microsoft revealed their new model of the Xbox 360 called the "Xbox 360 slim". It was much smaller and lighter than the last model. 2009 Sony releases a new model for the PS3 which was much smaller. 2012 Sony released a new model of the PS3 again called the "PS3 super slim" and just like the name says, it's super slim. 2007 Microsoft releases a new model of the Xbox 360 called the "Xbox 360 Elite". The only next generation console that has been released is the "Wii U" (Made by Nintendo). The Wii U controller is unique, it has a screen on it. It also has a camera. You could also just play with the controller and the screen on it. The only downfall was the battery life, which was only 4 hours. Sony and Microsoft have been developing the new consoles for about 7-8 years. The next generation consoles have been expected to have amazing graphics (Looks), crazy new features, and much better games. One of the biggest video game companies, "Activision" has showed off some pictures of how realistic the graphics are. During late 2012 and early this year, rumors were circling around after the release of the "Wii U" (which was made by Nintendo). People suspected Microsoft and Sony were going to release their consoles sometime this year. They were correct. 2012 Feb 21, 2013 Sony held a press conference to announce the "Playstation 4". They revealed the controller but not the console. In 1972 the Odyssey cost $75. How much do you think that would be now? The biggest problem with the Xbox 360 was the "Red Ring of Death". The Red Ring of Death caused your Xbox 360 to stop working. Before After Sega created one of the most iconic characters to video games which was "Sonic the hedgehog". Mario and Sonic were mascot rivals One of the NES's popular games was "Super Mario Bros." The main character Mario is the most popular Nintendo character now. $412 ! How much do you think that is now? $1,098 ! Sadly there is no more information about the future because the video game developers can't say anything about it, it's top secret. I hope you have enjoyed the presentation and learned about how video games have evolved. THE END 2013 There isn't much information about it, but I'm excited for it. Microsoft revealed the"Illumiroom" which projects more of the game on to the wall Guess which spot it got on the "Top 21 Tech Screw Ups of 2006". The PS3 got 8th place. Guess how many units were sold? Over 60 Million! Filip Krstevski Works at: XMG Studio What do you think about the motion gaming add-ons? (The Kinect and PS Move) " I like sitting down and relaxing when I play video games. I don't want to move around" VS. "I like to work out and get exercise while I play video games" Games he has helped develop:
The Dark Meadow (iOS & Android)
Gears of War 3 (Xbox 360)
Tony Hawk: Shred (Xbox 360 & PS3)
Blitz the League II (Xbox 360 & PS3)
NBA Ballers: Chosen One (Xbox 360 & PS3)
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