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Hajjat-ul-Wadaa' (part 1)

No description

Hosna Ebrahimi

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Hajjat-ul-Wadaa' (part 1)

Thank you!
Prophet's stories
Drop Quiz ;)
Answer the following questions using complete sentences:
Hajjat-ul-Wadaa' (part 1)
Hosna 11A
War, violence, hatred, military expeditions....
In this lesson:
Islam spreads peacefully over Arabia
After the battle of Tabuk
9-10 years A.H:
70 tribes and nations ------------->
to learn and accept Islam
Daws, Taqeef, Fazarah, Haneefah
2 christian tribes
some Tribes of Najran and Tai' under the leadershp of Uday ibn hatim
In this lesson: ...
1) Significance of Hajjat ul wadda
2) Prophet's first and last Hajj
Hajj was made obligatory 9 years A.H
Prophet didn't go that year
Many Arabs still hadn't embraced Islam
They did not know how to perform Hajj properly according to Islam
Naked Hajj performance
Hajj with idols
So what did the prophet do?
Ali Ibn Abi Talib
Abu Bakr
Demonstrate Hajj
Teach Surat Al Tawbah to become Muslims
( To Teach Arabs in Makkah)
Teach them to only come to Masjid ul Haram if they worship Allah alone
1 year later ..
Prophet's first and last Hajj
2 Umrahs
7th year of Hijrah
10th year of Hijrah
(( Hudaybiyah agreement))
+ Hajjatul Wadaa
1 Hajj
Hajjatul Wadaa
Message to the believers in Hajj
" and proclaim amongst mankind the pilgrimage. They will come to you on foot and upon all kinds of lean camels coming from every remote land."
Preparations for Hajj
TENTS of people from different Nations
What does it signify?
He preformed Hajj before the Muslims to show them the right way and the rituals
all his
and accepted to have them in his first Hajj
They showed appreciation by joining him in his first Hajj
9 wives
Muslims from
other nations
25. Zhulqadah. 10 Hijrah -----> March to Makkah
What did the prophet take so many people with him?
Thul Hulayfah
Prophet's route to Makkah
Marker point for pilgrims who come for Hajj from the north
What's so special about Miqatt?
Hujjaj can not pass through miqaat without having their
for Hajj and
putting on the Ihram

The next morning
wear your ihram here and make your intentions for Hajj
Prophet's instructions
Sunnat Al Ihram
2 Rakaat
Simple Ihram
head and arms -> uncovered
Wisdom Behind Ihram
Equality and
1) Cut Hair or clip nail
2) wear perfume
3) Men can't wear regular clothing
4) Hunt
5)Cut branches of trees in Makkah
6) Sexual intercourse
Starting the Hajj
Purified Hearts
White clothes
The Talbiyah
Firect form of response to God's call of service
feeling the greatness of Allah
Hajj -> Spirtual Awakening
Being drown in the sea of God's love
There is something about Hajj that can raise the meanest of men to nobility and devotion
Hajj is a symbol of sacrifice
Muslims sacrifice worldly comforts and joys to please Allah
Hajj has so many physical and financial burdens but some Muslims love the experience since the journey changes the person completely
If you had the money to travel to a place you've always wanted to go or a spirtual trip to Makkah, which one would you choose and why?
Allah prescribed Hajj in the 9th year A.H. Why did Prophet Muhammad skipped that year's Hajj?
How many times did the prophet perform Hajj and Umra in his entire life?
What is the wisdom behind Ihram?
Explain Miqaat and its importance.
Mention 2 things that pilgrims can NOT do during Hajj.
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