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Rizal's Romance: "The joys and pains"


neferteri najar

on 18 August 2013

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Transcript of Rizal's Romance: "The joys and pains"

Jose Rizal’s Romance: “The Joys and Pains”
VICENTE ABAD- became Josephine’s husband after Rizal and soon had a daughter
The title page of a book that was Rizal's wedding and parting gift to his wife.
• He met Segunda when he visited his maternal grandmother in Trozo, Manila.
• Segunda was about to be married to a relative named Manuel Luz
• Rizal that time, was a “shy and timid” suitor
• Lilet, grand grand daughter of Segunda said they were MU. They had been seeing each other for two years. She even mad a paper rose for Rizal’s hat.
• Segunda married Manuel Luz
• Segunda, story of Rizal’s poignant first love written by Danny Yson.
• 1877, December at La Concordia – Segunda waited for Rizal to propose to her, allegedly their last time to talk to her
• Reveal to have an only written description
• Austin Coates, one of Rizal biographers, said Rizal’s pact with elder brother Paciano had prevented him from pursuing his first love.
• “Probably he knew that Rizal and Segunda fell in love once upon a time” Lilet said.

Leonor Rivera –cousin from Camiling (Taimis)
• Another La Concordian
• Contemporary of his sister, Soledad
• Described as, “tender as a budding flower with kindly wistful eyes”
• Failed to get Rizal’s letter because of Tia Betang’s intervention
• Had love affair with an English man, Henry Kipping
• Daughter of Antonio Rivera, his uncle.

Leonor “Orang” Valenzuela
• referred Leonor Rivera as Rizal’s “Little landlady”

• Consuelo Ortia Y Perez
o daughter of liberal minded Spanish official
o “No tears were shed for Consuelo.”

• O Sei San
o daughter of Japanese nobleman
o Affair with Rizal when she was 23 and Rizal 27
o Real name, Seiko Usui
o Rizal’s tour guide in Tokyo
• Never married until Rizal’s death

Suzanne Jacoby
o where Rizal stayed for a certain time.
o Valentine Ventura, to whom Rizal sent a clay figurine

“Ended at an early hour, my first love!
My virgin heart will always mourn
The reckless step it took
On the flower deck abyss
My illusion will return, yes,
But indifferent, uncertain,
Ready for the first betrayal
On the path of love.”
• Julia or Minang- first girl who caught young Rizal’s eye.
=wrapped in red tapis and her long hair
cascading down her shoulder.
=She was 14 and Rizal 15.
• 16 yrs old- Rizal experienced his first love.
-Segunda Katigbak
-sister of Rizal’s friend, Mariano Katigbak
-close friend of Olimpia in school

1876- first laid eyes on Segunda Katigbak
Lass of fourteen
Wealthy mestizo family from Lipa, Batangas
Casa de Segunda- 198 Rizal street
• Rizal’s Diary
“young girl, 14 of age, virginal, attractive, engaging, short with expressive eyes, sometimes ardent at other times languid. Rosy cheeks with such an enchanting and provocative smile that revealed very beautiful teeth, her entire self diffused a mysterious charm.”
Miss K.

Josephine Bracken

• One of the 3 girls whom Rizal propose marriage and the only one whom he lived
Rizal’s Dulce Extranjera (Rizal’s Sweet Stranger); “amiga”; and “alegria”
Adopted daughter of George Taufer.
The Loves of Rizal: Josephine, The Mistress; Teodora and Patria, The Real Loves
The Legend and Mystery of Rizal’s Mistress : Josephine Bracken

-an hour before execution, he wrote to his family and paciano
-Father: seeking for pardon
-last letter to his mother

The final analysis, Rizal never married any of his loves because he had already married “Patria” native land.
Suzanne Jacoby
Nelly Boustead
• Had two daughters, Adeline and Nelly
• Intellectual, sure of herself, vivacious, good with the foil, attractive & serious with her religious beliefs.
• Antonio Luna fell in love with her

• Gertrude Beckett
o blue blooded English woman
o oldest daughter of a London English church organist

• Josephine Bracken
o met in Dapitan in 1895 wherein she was 19 years old
o supposed to marry her but because of church requirements they simply lived together
o considered her as a wife

George Taufer
A man of easy virtue who was known for his romantic ways.
A lady’s man and bedded with many local women

Manuela Orlac
Mistress of one of the leading Spanish Friars
Was sent to spy Rizal
Suspicion of Rizal’ Family to Josephine:

Maybe she was a possible tool or spy of the friars
Or she may have an illegitimate affair with one of those Spanish friars
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