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Trojan War - Part I

No description

Sarah Wyckoff

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Trojan War - Part I

- Diagramming worksheets
- Facebook Greek god profiles TODAY
- Vocabulary Handout
- Trojan War Introduction
- Presentations of Facebook profiles
(if we have time) 1,000 BC TROJAN WAR STORY MAPPING JUDGMENT OF PARIS Evil goddess of discord, Eris, doesn't get invited to an important wedding 1. ERIS causes Aphrodite, Hera, and Athena to argue about which goddess is the "fairest of them all" JUDGMENT OF PARIS 2. Paris, Prince of Troy,
chooses the bribe of Aphrodite - she promises him the fairest woman in all the world JUDGMENT OF PARIS this girl HELEN
WIFE OF MENELAUS, THE KING OF SPARTA 3. Paris runs off with Hey! You took my woman! GREEKS TROJANS movie clip-14:40 - 27:11 Menelaus - husband of Helen
Agamemnon - Brother of Menelaus who commanded all to war
Odysseus - Most sensible and shrewd of all Greek warriors
Achilles - fiercest fighter of all the Greeks Paris - prince of Troy who took Helen and started the Trojan War

Priam - King of Troy

Hector - Prince of Troy, brother of Paris, Noblest & Bravest hero of Troy Assignment: HOMEWORK:
SEPTEMBER 19, 2012 Yesterday:
Vocabulary Handout
Trojan War Introduction Notes
Story Mapping
Take home reading TODAY:
Reading Quiz
Greek God presentations
Story Mapping Reading Discussion

VOCABULARY DUE NEXT TUESDAY - SEPT. 25th Achilles is told by his mother, Thetis, that if he stays at home, his life would be free from fears and troubles, but if he decides to go to Troy he will die but his name would be greatly remembered 1. What did Agamemnon do to make Achilles so angry he refused to fight for the Greeks? (hint: Agamemnon took something from him) READING CHECK QUIZ QUESTIONS 2. What causes Achilles to fight again after his fight with Agamemnon? 3. Which Greek god leaves Hector to his fate right before Hector's fight with Achilles? 4. Describe how Achilles treated Hector's dead body. THINK
SHARE 1. Find a partner at your table
2. Discuss three major events in last night's reading. What happened? War rages on for 9 years. The Greeks believe the reason they are not winning is because Agamemnon has taken the daughter of Apollo's priest, Chryseis, for himself. Agamemnon allows her release to appease Apollo, but he demands to have Achille's maiden, Briseis, to replace Chryseis. GODS FOR THE GREEKS GODS FOR THE TROJANS 1. Hera & Athena: because Paris didn't give them the apple.
2. Poseidon: favored the Greeks because they were sea people & great sailors. 1. Aphrodite: because Paris gave her the apple
2. Ares: always took sides with Aphrodite. Why?
3. Apollo: cared for Hector
4. Artemis: ZEUS Paris & Menelaus fight. Paris is almost killed by Menelaus but Aphrodite intervened. Aphrodite caught Paris up in a cloud and took him safely back to Troy. Trojans were going to give Helen back to Menelaus but then Athena intervened. She caused a Trojan to break the truce and shoot an arrow at Menelaus, which wounded him. This angered the Greeks which caused the war to rage on. The Trojans start losing the war because Ares, the god of war, is injured in battle by Athena. FRIDAY,
SEPT. 21, 2012 TODAY:
VOCABULARY WORKSHEET READING CHECK QUIZ #2 1. Which Greek god guided the arrow that struck Achilles's foot? 2. If Achilles's mother had made him invulnerable by dipping Achilles into the River Styx, why did the arrow kill Achilles?
3. What did the Greeks do to Hector's son at the very end of the story?

4. Is the Trojan War a real event in world history? GREEK HERO CODE 1. Proved himself in battle

2. . Respected other noble heroes, community and society – even those on the opposing side

3. Placed great importance on personal honor and future reputation. Achilles still is not fighting for the Greeks because he is still pouting over Agamemnon stealing his maiden, Briseis. Once again Hector enters bravely into battle and is almost killed by Ajax, but Apollo breathes surpassing power into Hector. The Greeks knew they were doomed and only could think of dying bravely. But Patroclus, Achilles' beloved friend, went to fight but demanded to go disguised with Achilles' armor.

Patroclus knew that if the Greek troops believed Achilles was fighting, the Trojans would be afraid and the Greeks would be encouraged. Hector goes to war again and believes he kills Achilles in battle, but it is really Patroclus disguised in Achilles' armor. Achilles, after hearing of the death of Patroclus, declares he will no longer live if he cannot avenge his friend's death by killing Hector. Achilles has been fated to die straightway after Hector. Thetis, the mother of Achilles, brings Achilles special armor made from Hephaestus himself (the god of fire and metallurgy - the "divine armorer") Zeus hung his golden balances and set in one the lot of hector's death and the other that of Achilles. Hector's lot sank down. It was appointed Hector should die. Achilles, with Athena by his side, came to fight Hector. Apollo deserted Hector and left Hector to his fate. Achilles chased Hector around the walls of Troy three times. Hector attempts to make a covenant with Achilles about respecting the dead body of the other and giving it back to their rightful country, but Achilles does not agree and calls Hector a "madman" After defeating Hector in battle and killing him, Achilles does not respect Hector's dead body. Instead, he stripped the armor and pierced his feet and tied Hector to the back of the chariot, letting the head lay in the dust of the wheels. Achilles then rode around the walls of Troy, dragging behind his chariot all that was left of Hector. King Priam, comes to Achilles and begs for Hector's body. Achilles gives it to him. The battles continued on, however, and Achilles was shot by an arrow directed by Apollo. The arrow struck his foot in the one spot where he could be wounded - his heel. The inheritance of Achilles's armor was between Odysseus and Ajax. The armor went to Odysseus, and Ajax killed himself because of the great dishonor. The Greeks did not burn his body, because a suicide was not considered honorable. Ajax was buried instead. The Greeks learned that Troy could not be conquered unless they stole the most sacred image of Pallas Athena. This image was kept within the walls of the city.

So the Greeks determined to steal it. They decided to make a wooden horse and have the Greek warriors hide inside it. The Greeks hid in the wooden horse and kept one man, Sinon behind. The Trojans took Sinon captive, during which Sinon told them that the wooden horse had been made as an offering to Athena. This caused the Trojans to bring the big, wooden horse inside the city walls. The Greeks let themselves out of the horse at midnight and burnt down the city. YESTERDAY: TROJAN WAR READING TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2012 Friday:
Trojan War
4th Hour - Reading Quiz
The Fall of Troy WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2012 Yesterday:
Trojan War Wrap up Today:
Trojan War Wrap Up
Jeopardy Review Game GREEK MYTHOLOGY TEST FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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