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Severus Snape

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Crusades

Thank You! Crusades A series of Holy Wars launched by Christian states in Europe against Saracens or Muslim people The crusades were instigated when Jerusalem was taken
by the Turks in 1005 and
3000 Christians were slaughtered The Crusades
were extended to seizing Spain, eastern Europe and the Mediterranean Islands >launched to regain the Holy Land of Jerusalem after it was taken by the Muslims in earlier conquests >gave rise to Knightly Orders such as the Knights Templar >these orders worked to defend the Holy Lands and pilgrims The Effects Of
The Crusades >influenced the wealth and power of the Catholic Church
>prompted voyages of discovery >politics, commerce, feudalism, intellectual matters, the social structure
>also had material effects >Launched in response to the fall of one of the crusader states Edessa
>was the first crusade to be led by european kings >were a number of mostly 12th- and 13th-century feudal states
>created by Western European
>Edessa was the first crusader state ever created What are Crusader States? The Third Crusade 1189-1192 >Otherwise known as the Kings Crusade
>was another attempt to recapture Jerusalem after the Muslims reclaimed it in 1187
>attempt succesful
>but the Muslims then took it back again 1187 >muslims attempted and succeed in recapturing Jerusalem
>this act ultimately leads to the third crusade The Fourth Crusade
(1202–1204) >this crusade was also
intended to capture Jerusalem
>instead the Christian church ransacked the Christian city of Constantinople
>act was believed to have been the Catholic Church (the crusaders) attacking the other branch of Christianity at the time (Eastern Orthodox)
>Why would they do this?
>Got to the next Circular frame to find out. East-West Schism >In the time of the crusades
>two branches of Christianity
>Eastern Orthodox
>Roman Catholic.
>Both religions thought they were correct >many disputes over this
The Fourth Crusade
>an act that represented this dispute The Fifth Crusade >the church tried to acquire Jerusalem with a different approach
>they would first take over the powerful Egyptian state, Ayyubid, and then go from go on out from there The Sixth Crusade
1228 >fifth crusade failed, sixth crusade
was started
>A very diplomatic approach was taken by the
Catholics The Seventh and
Eighth Crusade >Both happened
> Neither had any important or notable events happen during them The Ninth Crusade What were the
Crusades? The First Crusade - 1095-1099 The Second Crusade 1145-1149 1271-1272 >Also know as the Medieval Crusade
>Louis IX of France failed to capture Tunis in the 8th crusade, this led Prince Edward to sail to Acre
>Commonly considered to be the last major medieval Crusade The Conclusion The crusades influenced many aspects of life some of these changes we can still see evidence of in our world nowadays.
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