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Vox Incognita Capabilities

Basic core capabilities brief

D.R. Hensley

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Vox Incognita Capabilities

~ Pro Tools based recording suite
~ Vocal Booth to improve recordings
~ Analog-to-Digital conversion
~ Quick turn around voiceover spots
~ TS cleared talent and engineer (Pro
Tools Operator for Music and Post)
What can Vox Incognita Studio do for your team?
Vox Incognita Studio
Core Capabilities

~ Script development and review
~ A/V Consultation
~ "Fly-Away" studio setup
~ Certified Project Management Professional
to plan your project
~ Audio mixing and mastering
~ Automated Dialog Replacement (ADR)
~ Synch to video
~ Audio restoration
~ Delivery by internet, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray
Live Venues
What can we do
for your team?
Vox Incognita Studio
Who are We?

Sound Engineers by Passion
Cleared by Regulation
Project Managers by Training
Leaders by Experience
~ Recording, archiving, and presenting your live sound event (field recording, off-sites, conferences)
Move Forward
Move back
Zoom In
Zoom out
Arrow Key Controls
Arrow Key Controls
Passionate sound engineers;
Leaders with Project Management Experience and Clearances
Website: www.voxincognita.com Questions? Contact us at: inquiry@VoxIncognita.com
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