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Choosing websites

This is the criteria for what I would look for in a website for a portfolio.

Adrian Li

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Choosing websites

Adrian Li, Freddie Rodgers, Joe Yuan and Kazu Mukai Choosing a website That was my mind-mapping for choosing a website for designing and building a website to store and show files, videos, photos and anything else I might need That was our mind-mapping Not accessible through Google Webs Not many templates available 8 pages max for the free plan Just from the photos you've just seen, we decided on those that we won't be using Webs as we don't really like how it can't be found by Google. Carbonmade has a very colourful and lively, happy design. But seems a lot like a kids website. According to past users, they listen and change from their opinions. Carbonmade Wix About www.wix.com Depends on the template of your website. You have loads of templates to choose from already, but you can also buy templates if you want. Price Multiple choices of templates, the website itself supports multiple formats like pdf and html. Functions Carbonmade: Price Drip Book Behance Notes Drip book has a neat and modern design and is easy and simple to use. Fill the gaps in... The free version is limited to 5 projects and 35 images. But if you pay $12 per month or $120 per year, it will get you 50 projects, 500 images and the ability to upload videos (25 at most). I ... stupid I FREE! Price I dont thining that it is necessary to pay for these functions as there are many websites where these functions are free When you register and sign up for behance, you have the option to either be the one that showcases things to the public, or the one that just goes around looking at other people's portfolios. Functions Carbonmade Basic Functions Only upload images, videos and SWF files. Payed version: High quality video, Personalization, Domain binding, Big image mode, Priority tech support! Viewbook Dripbook: Price The Price is as shown: All of these accounts include a 30 day free-trial, free ipad/ iphone app, Free android app, HD video support, Search engine optimizations, Google tracker and can intergrate with Facebook, Twitter, Iphone, Ipad and Android. Here are the details of the
differenct accounts: Standard: -Can upload 200 images
-Can upload 2 HD videos
-Can create 4 portfolios Pro: -Can upload 800 images
-Can upload 12 HD videos
-Can create 16 portfolios
-Can create a mini website
for a facebook fanpage Premium: -Can upload 2500 images
-30 HD videos
-Can create 50 portfolios
-Can create a mini website for
a facebook fanpage
-Export a custom website (a
stand-alone website using your
own domain name) I think the functions in dripbook
are great and very useful but is
still not totally necessary to pay for all of them
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