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Building a thesis statement

Play a clip, ask a prompt, write a thesis statement. Questions have a variety of levels and subjects. Could make it into a game where students draw slide and question numbers. Do it individually or in groups. Expand into full essays.

Ericka Sidbury

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of Building a thesis statement

A statement that gives structure to your essay

Let's Practice!
each video.
about the information they give you in the video.
a writing prompt.
a thesis statement based on your notes!
Let's Practice!
Clip -> Prompt -> Thesis!
1. Write an essay discussing the world Rev. King spoke about in his speech, "I Have A Dream."
1. Write an essay discussing how to become a slam poet.
1. Write an essay discussing what you would do in a zombie apocalypse.
The thesis statement
It gives structure to your essay.
It tells your reader what they are about to read.
It organizes the information in your paragraphs.
Complete the worksheet.
2. Write an essay discussing how the world might be different if Rev. King
had never made his speech.
3. Write an essay discussing the consequences of speaking out against injustice like Rev. King and others have.
2. Write an essay discussing habits that all good writers do.
2. Write an essay discussing the different reasons people choose to migrate from one place to another.
1. Write an essay discussing why people might be afraid to speak.
2. Write an essay how discussing what elements of the video added to the meaning of the poem.
1. Write an essay discussing what you think students need to learn to be successful adults.
2. Write an essay discussing the benefits or drawbacks of testing students.
1. Write an essay discussing amendments of the constitution you think should be added.
2. Write an essay discussing whether or not you think there are things that should not be protected by free speech.
The many ways to use this prezi:
I meant the multiple questions to be choices for the students. They don't have to do them all! The are different questioning levels and subjects that will appeal to different kinds of students.

No particular order needed. Whatever works, do those. Skip the rest.

You could make it a game. A student picks a slide number. Another student picks a question number. Then groups write, rate, celebrate. :)
Teachers only!!!!
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