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Unit 6: Preparing for an Interview - Learning Objective 1

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Helen Donnelly

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Unit 6: Preparing for an Interview - Learning Objective 1

Unit 6: Preparing for an Interview Learning Objective 1 EXAMPLES How is the information you have found relevant for the interview and how it will assist you through the interview Hint: Use the Job Description Describe the Key Information about the interviewing Organisation Describe key ASPECTS of the job you would want to ask an Organisation BEFORE an Interview Prepare 4 relevant questions you could ask BEFORE the interview i.e telephone inquiry 2 must be about the organisiation and 2 about the job vacancy Write 3 questions which you could ask AT THE INTERVIEW Where are the gaps in your research of the Organisation The 3 questions should cover these gaps in knowledge Use the OCVC website to find the key information Job Vacancy: Customers Service Advisor at OCVC Research OCVC and provide DETAILED answers to the Task Sheet. TASK Task Sheet Questions Entry Requirements Working Hours Job Tasks Responsibilities Benefits Rewards Qualities Qualifications Experience Required EXAMPLES ALSO DESCRIBE THE FOLLOWING: Working Hours Pay Benefits Training and Promotion Opportunities Travel Requirements Required course Materials Task 1.1 1.What are OCVC Values? 2. What benefits are there for staff? 3. Where are the OCVC Campuses? 4.Which campuses provide an Engineering Course and how long are the courses for? 5. What are the minimum entry requirements for A Levels? 6.Which age group do most students at OCVC belong? 7.What is a Course Cost Bursary? 8.Does OCVC have a student Union and what does it do? 9.When and Where did OCVC begin? 10.What are the Governors main tasks? Task 1.2 What gaps still exist in your knowledge? Task 1.3 & 1.4 Task 1.5
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