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Public Prezi for the Legal Aid Society of Story County

Lots of details about our organization...this is designed for our funders, but clients and friends may enjoy seeing it too!

Tara van Brederode

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Public Prezi for the Legal Aid Society of Story County

3 full-time attorneys, 2 part-time staff, and various undergraduate & law student interns and volunteers
We are grateful to our funders!
We handle approximately 500 cases each year.
Our average client receives 10 hours of personalized legal services.
Our team:
Our work:
Our partners:
In fiscal year 2012-2013, we provided 4,848 hours of direct client service (total billed time minus administrative time).
We clocked an additional 849 hours of administrative time (office administration, grant and fundraising compliance, walk-in clients/phone calls, continuing legal education, outreach, and training), for a total of 5,697 hours worked (an average of 1,899 hours per attorney).
Our 2014-2015 funding will come from:
Story County
City of Ames
Cities of Story County
United Way of Story County
Story County Bar Association
ISU Gov. of the Student Body
Client fees
Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts (IOLTA)
Story County mental health services
Celebrating 40 years
Our mission:
We stretch our funders' dollars.
Our culture:
The Legal Aid Society of Story County provides legal representation in civil matters at low or no cost for income-eligible families of Story County, Iowa.
The Legal Aid Society of Story County
Carin Forbes, Erin Schneider, & Tara van Brederode
During autumn, 2013, we remodeled our office space at a total cost of under$1,000 (obtained entirely through dedicated grants and donations).

Clients immediately noticed the professional appearance of our reception area--some thought we had updated all of our staff too!
Our attorneys form individual attorney-client relationships with EVERY CLIENT WE SERVE.
We do not give telephone "hotline" advice.
We do not provide "do it yourself" packets.
Our clients receive the same services they would receive from a private practice attorney.
Our culture:
We provide personalized, one-on-one services.
We save time -- and track time -- by managing our cases online.
We embrace technology to enhance services.
Our culture:
Our office was an active participant in EDMS pilot testing in the Iowa Courts. We still help our fellow attorneys throughout Iowa.
We're on the web, where our clients and funders and friends can find us.
We tweet. We facebook.
Find us at www.facebook.com/legalaidstory
We do our part.
Our culture:
Our attorneys participate in ISBA and Story County Bar activities.
We teach continuing education classes and share our knowledge with colleagues by phone and on electronic message boards.
We work with partner agencies to build service networks for our clients and community.
We mentor law student interns.
We work to achieve meaningful access to the Courts for every Iowan.
click video to play:
Learn more about us*:
*with thanks to Mediacom's MC-22 NewsLeaders
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