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Lilly's Crossing

No description

Laura Cody

on 11 April 2015

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Transcript of Lilly's Crossing

Lily's Crossing By: Patricia Reilly Giff
Lily Mollahan, Gram (Grandmother), and Poppy (Dad) are going to Rockaway by the Atlantic Ocean for summer break like usual. It's Lily's birthday and Poppy has a special treat. He spends lots of money to tag along the piano, which Lily has pretended to love because her mother loved it (who has passed away). Lily was so excited to leave it for the summer until now.
Summary Continued:

Lily's best friend Margret has bad news, she has to move far away for the war near a factory. Before she moves she gives Lily the best present yet, the key to her house. Now there is no one in Rockaway Lily's age. Worse yet Poppy has to go overseas to the war.
Summary Continued:
Albert arrives soon after Margret with a big secret. Lily and Albert soon become the closest friends possible. Albert has lost most his family in the war. All that is left is his sister Ruth who is in a hospital in France. Read to find out the secrets the friends share and what miracles happen to Albert.
Prezi By:
Lily, Gram, Poppy, Albert, Ruth, Mr. Orban, Mrs. Orban, Naggymamma, Margret
Genre +
Historical Fiction
Ages 10+
"... an excellent choice."
-School Library Journal
"Fully satisfing..."
-The Bulletin, Recommended
"(A) deftly told story"
-Kirkus Reviews
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