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Why I Love My Nook

Fourth Grade Students share reasons they have enjoyed their own personal Nook.

Nicole Emmert

on 9 June 2011

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Transcript of Why I Love My Nook

Are Wonderful Educational Tools! It is a color touchscreen! My Nook can hold
thousands of awesome books! My Nook has
internet access! Nooks have many educational games
like chess, sudoku,
and crosswords! New applications were recently added also with the Flash player update. We were excited to be part
of the pilot program for Nooks
in Person County Schools.
Oak Lane's 4th graders and Stories Creek's 5th graders
each received a Nook to use. While reading a selection, you can click on a word to learn the definition in a split second or even learn more instantly from Wikipedia & other sources. We learn lots about our Nooks by exploring on our own. We can learn about different topics by using the Internet. We can make personal choices about what books to read. The nook will read some picture books to you. Listening to these books teaches you to read with expression and excitement. It helps you figure out words you don't know. Books on our Nook are challenging us
to read a whole series. Students are learning to use Nooks and technology responsibly. Personal ownership has proven beneficial to the physical care of the equipment. We appreciate your giving us the opportunity to share with you our experience of being among the first in the world to use Nooks in schools! Classes can read books on the Nooks
together as a class with each student having his/her own copy. Mrs. Emmert helps us purchase and download books onto our Nooks. She helps solve issues we have and gives teachers ideas of how to use the Nook. She teaches us a lot about new technology! Ms. Gillis included the nook in promotion of reading and Oak Lane's annual talent show! Mrs.Hughes, Oak Lane's EC teacher,
enjoys using the Nook
with students because:

*Nooks are motivational
*Nooks are portable &
can be transported easily
to/from class/daycare/etc.
*Nooks capture students' attention. The Nook can access a multitude of on-line resources such as Tumblebooks, BrainPOP, ClassScapes,AR, and many on-line e-books! Students have learned many current technology skills such as pinch technology, e-magazines' article view, e-book downloading, & screen orientation. We were extremely excited to be one of the first schools ever to have electronic copies of a children's magazine on our Nooks! At Oak Lane & Stories Creek, Nooks have been used by many educators during instruction. Classroom teachers, librarians, the school nurse, the counselor, the music teacher, the EC teacher, and the technology specialist. All report high student interest & motivated, fun learning. Fourth graders at Oak Lane and fifth graders at Stories Creek use their Nooks with their first grader reading buddies
(who love the Nook & want one of their own!) To incorporate writing and personal reflection, students record Nook activities in a journal. Thanks to Deanene Deaton for introducing, developing, & supporting the Nook Pilot Program.

Thanks to Dr. Cartner & PCS
for funding the project & the freedom to try new things.

Thank you to principals for support & additional funding for e-books.

Thanks also to technology specialists Jason Clayton & Andrew Clayton for ground-breaking technological assistance. What is a Nook? A Nook is an electronic-book reader that can hold thousands of electronic books.

The NookColor has wireless Internet capabilities & is a touchscreen. Here is Katie, a 4th grader at Oak Lane,
who will briefly show us some Nook basics. Nooks have been used in various way for educational purposes that are aligned with the total curriculum. At a recent promotion/retention meeting with the school Leadership Team,a teacher reported that a very reluctant reader loved to read on his Nook. Nook usage was the only positive intervention strategy found to help that student. Electronic e-books are financially advantageous. When e-book title is purchased, six copies of that title is obtained. The cost of an e-book is significantly less than the cost of a printed book. Where would we like to go from here? *Purchase Nooks for additional grades (possibly a K-2 level grade) *Purchase additional e-books related to instruction
and elctronic copies of textbooks *Subscribe to e-magazines and newspapers that enhance instruction and provide the most current information. *Develop and implement professional workshop opportunities for teachers in Nook usage *Present at the NC State Library Conference &
possibly partner with Barnes & Noble to present at National Library Conference Thank you for listening to our presentation and
considering supporting the use of Nooks in our schools. The Nooks improve student reading Not to toot our own horn... but...

Librarians are essential to the Nook project because we:

*Teach students and teachers how to use the resource
*Purchase appropriate e-books & manage the collection
*Solve technology challenges
*Share ideas for instructional integration & encourage
cross-curricular reading with the Nooks Mrs. Briggs, Stories Creek 5th grade teacher At Stories Creek this year 83.3% of the 5th graders passed the reading EOG.
This is a 15.4% increase from the previous year. AR points increased: Students at Stories Creek averaged 3 more points a month after receiving the Nooks. At Stories Creek the Nooks were an integral part of EOG review and remediation. Teachers were able to load review materials and students had immediate access to ClassScape assignments. Account 1 Hardcover Price= $11.45 x 6 = $68.70 NookBook Price= $5.99
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