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Food Hygiene

No description


on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Food Hygiene

Food Hygiene
Why are food safety controls important when providing food and drink?
Food safety controls are important because they:
- prevent food poisoning;
- comply with health and safety legislation;

Types of safety controls:
- Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP);
- Risk Assessment Procedures
- Policies and procedures of setting
Types of appropriate clothing for different tasks:
- disposable gloves
- overalls
- aprons
- hats
- hairnets
These are only worn in food preparation/serving areas and they protect food from contamination eg by dust, hairs, fibres
What are the potential food safety hazards when preparing, serving, clearing away and storing food and drink?
Why must surfaces, utensils and equipment must be clean?
Keeping surfaces, utensils and equipment clean prevents cross- contamination.
Explain the importance of clearing and disposing of food waste promptly and safely
- biological contamination eg bacteria, moulds, viruses;

- physical and chemical contaminants eg foreign bodies, disinfectants;

- pests eg flies, weevils, cockroaches;

- bacterial food poisoning – causes, symptoms
Why should personal protective clothing should be worn when handling food and drink?
- prevent pest hazards;

- prevent the growth and multiplication of bacteria;

- reduce risk of food decay eg smell, becoming unfit to eat
Clearing away food waste properly means we can:
Explain the procedures for infection control in your work setting.
If you've just started your placement, think about how you stop the spread of infection at home...
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