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Rhetorical Analysis of Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial 2015

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Jordan Jackson

on 22 September 2015

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Transcript of Rhetorical Analysis of Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial 2015

Rhetorical Analysis of Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial 2015
the use of logos appeals to the logic and rationality behind what is being advertised. he if then effect helps people to rationalize and justify their wants- If I buy Budweiser then I will be closer with my friends justifies the want for a drink.
How did you feel while you watched the video? Did you feel sadness? Anger? Or perhaps happiness? All these feelings are brought out by pathos
Pathos is an appeal to emotion, and is a way of convincing an audience of an argument by creating an emotional response.
Logos Cont.
The commercial offers audiences to see Budweiser as an image that can be linked with trustworthiness and pride.
When you see the horse, the man and the dog back together again it creates an image of friendship
This basically says that Budweiser is a great thing to share with best buds which is why the man drinks a can with them in the final shot
The rhetorical device ethos plays a very significant role in our perception of whether or not the information being presented to us is trustworthy.
Ethos in a commercial or advertisement most often refers to the spokesperson for the product
Budweiser uses the Golden Retriever as the spokesperson
The actual speaker is not the puppy, but Budweiser, but since there is no spoken language, the use the dog as the face or the spokesperson
Pathos cont.
pathos was used in many ways during this commercial
when the puppy submerges from the hay
when the puppy runs off to the streets
when the puppy jumps onto a strange car
when the man post a lost dog sign
when the dog is trapped in a box in the rain
when the wolf appears
when the horses save the dog and return home
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