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EZ GO Market Strategy

No description

Ashley Sherrell

on 23 October 2015

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Transcript of EZ GO Market Strategy

Solution 3 : Social Media Platform
Our Mission Statement
Adam currently has 1 market salesman right now for the entire DFW area for over 200 courses. By adding one more salesman and dividing the area into two sections, the golf courses would be able to contact the representative more efficiently. Also, the approximate wait time for the service check up would decrease as well. Our salesman should be knowledgeable as well as personable in order to develop a more in depth relationship with our costumer. This allows for a market salesman to attend more golf courses while their counterpart participates in trade shows during the months of January and February as well as on site demos.
Solution 1: Increase market salesman
Social media is such great way for a company to see their audience and establish a target market. Almost every platform offers a break down of demographics, down to age range, race, and gender. This information is extremely valuable as they can gear their approach towards the most interested groups

Benefits listed:
Social media is a easy way to learn about your audience

It helps find new customers and expand your audience

You can receive instant feedback

Improve market intelligence

Share content easier and faster

Helps generate leads for one third of the cost

Creates meaningful relationships

Allows companies to increase brand awareness and reach with little to no budget
Benefits of Social Media
In the golf industry, the quality of your fleet is directly related to both budget and revenue. Behind greens fees, carts are the second largest source of revenue for a golf facility. Each vehicle in the fleet has the potential to generate $2,000 dollars annually to an operation. With this much revenue on the line our customer are looking not only for quality product at a good price but most importantly service after the sell.

Why is customer service important?
generate positive word of mouth
increase customer loyalty
increase the amount of money each customer spends with your business
increase how often a customer buys from you
decrease barriers to buying for hesitant customers

Golf courses generate the lion share of revenues from green fees. When vehicles are not out of service the amount of people able to move on and off the courses is diminished.

By providing faster response times to the customer for vehicle concerns, repairs, or replacements we can help mitigate the loss of revenue thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

Point of Differentiating- in a competitive marketplace where customers have many businesses competing for them, customer service is the key factor.
Solution 2: Service
Our mission is to design a comprehensive plan to grow market share of the Cushman Vehicle at golf courses in Dallas Ft. Worth
Our Challenge
EZ GO Market Strategy
Presented by: Ashley, Sydney, David, Christine, Clayton, Cam, and DeMarcus

Taking advantage of social media has multiple benefits. For any business that does not want to spend a lot of money on advertisement, social media is the perfect outlet. Businesses can use these platforms to promote their products and entice people to visit their website for more information. Another benefit is the simplicity and wide array of opportunities that this advertising method offers. All it takes is an internet connection and a computer to send out material to thousands of people to see and read about our product. This is also a way to quickly respond and give details directly to anyone who may be interested or want additional information.

Social media allows companies to build contacts through easy, hassle free conversation and lets the company to receive direct feedback through messages and comments. Through the constant development of technology, advertising through social media offers companies the opportunity to measure success right away through social media tools.

Cushman is a competitive and profitable business that understands their customer base and caters to their unique needs, supplying reliable and versatile utility and hospitality vehicles. We are growing a company that thrives on evolving and adapting to changes that help better our company as a whole. We provide job satisfaction within a friendly environment that rewards hard working employees. We believe in building authentic relationships with our customers to produce a dependable and satisfactory experience with every sale.
Customer Satisfaction
Why customer satisfaction is important
Its leading indicator of consumer repurchases intentions and loyalty
It reduces customer churn
It increases customer lifetime value
It reduces negative word of mouth
Its cheaper to retain customers than acquire new ones

A well known maxim in business is that a happy customer will tell a friend, an unhappy customer will tel the world. Research has found that unhappy customers tell between 9-15 people about thier experience and 13% tell as many as 20.
Back in the day!

Cushman was founed in 1901 in the town of Lincoln, Nebraska. The owners were two cousins Everett Cushman and Clinton Cushman. The two left the company in 1919 and by 1934, it was incorporated by Charles Ammon. 1954 the first three wheel golf cart was introduced, it was a 732 series which was a 24 volt car. In 1957 they introduced the 36 volt series and they were produced until 1967, they were also electricty powered except for the short lived "shark nosed". The 1960's was a terrific year due to Cushmans three wheeled golf carts, which accounted for half of the U.S market . The four wheeled version was introduced in 1965 by 1973, 6,087 electric golf carts were imported into the U.S which account for 15 percent of the U.S electric golf cart market.
Thank you!
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