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German and Italian Unification

No description

Mr. Tloczkowski

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of German and Italian Unification

Aim: How did Otto Von Bismarck unify Germany? “For the state, self-preservation is the supreme law. It must survive at any price… A government must not waiver once it has chosen its course. It must not look to the left or right but go forward.” Do now: Translate this quote into your own words... How did Nationalism play a part in German unification? In 1815 there was no Germany, 39 small states – Prussia most powerful During Napoleon’s conquest, Germans wanted to be free from France.
NATIONALISM GROWS Some called for a united Germany How did Bismarck weld the German states into a powerful empire? 1862 Bismarck is appointed Chancellor of Prussia He is loyal to Prussia not Germany Wanted to unite German states under the rule of Prussia 1.Who do you think is being represented in this photograph?

2.What do you think the words “Blut” and “Eisen” mean?

3.What would this image tell you about what kind of leader this is?

4.Do you think this person is a liberal? Why or why not? “The great questions of the day will not be settled by means of speeches and majority decisions…but by iron and blood”

1.What do you think Otto Von Bismarck means by Blood and Iron?

2.Translate this quote into your own words Wars that unify Germany How did Otto Von Bismarck use Blood and Iron to unify the Germanic states? Built up Prussian Army
War with Denmark - took more land
War with Austria - Seven weeks war (wins southern Germanic states)
Franco-Prussian war - Rallied all German states behind war with France. (Nationalism!) Aim: How did Italy become united in the late 1800’s? Some say Germany is a country built on Blood and Iron. Why would they say that? Do you agree with that statement? Why or Why not? Summary Do Now: Look at the map. What do you notice about Italy before 1870? What can that tell us? Partner up to complete the matching hand out on Italian leaders for unity. Use the pages in your text book to find the correct answers. Activity: How did individuals help Italy become unified in the 1800’s? Giuseppe Mazzini - Leader of a group called Young Italy - dedicated to unifying all Italians. •Called the soul of Italian unification – idealist with no real plans Camillo Cavour - Prime minister of Sardinia •Instigated war with Austria to take control of northern Italy
•The Brain of unification Giuseppe Garibaldi - led army of “Red Shirts” •Gave up power for the sake of unity – turns over Sicily to Cavour to unite Italy
•The Sword of Italian unity Who was the soul,brain and sword of Italian unity? Why were they called that? Students will then create a drawing of an Italian creating Mazzini's body, Cavour's head and Garibaldi's hand. Activity What problems did young Italy face? Victor Emanuel II crowned King of Italy
Regional differences between the North and the South
Catholic Church and pope were against unity because they lost power - told Catholics to not listen to the new government
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