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Sherman on Trial

No description

Matt Baker

on 31 May 2018

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Transcript of Sherman on Trial

Sherman on Trial
- March to the Sea Sheet
- Laptop

I can determine whether or not Sherman is guilty of war crimes

Course Reflection

- Graded on honesty & completeness
Sherman's March Context
- South could not win the war but was unwilling to surrender
- Vicksburg & Gettysburg
- Bloody conflict had lasted 4 years
- Hundreds of thousands dead & wounded
- Union (North) wants to break the Southern fighting spirit
Sherman on Trial
- 2 Prosecuting Lawyers (Sherman committed crimes)
- 2 Defense Lawyers (Sherman was justified)
- 1 Judge
- 6 Witnesses
- 4 Jury
Read & Decide
Do the short reading about Sherman's March to the Sea. Based on what you know about the Civil War and the reading, decide if William Sherman was guilty of war crimes.
Glory Burning Darien Scene
I need:
1 Judge
2 Prosecutors (He's Guilty)
2 Defense lawyers (He's innocent)
6 Witnesses (Testify)
4 Jury Members (decide if he's guilty)
How a Trial Works
Opening Statements
Witnesses Testify
- Lawyers ask Qs to prove point
Closing Statements
Jury deliberates & decides
Rest of Class
Fill out the sheet and prepare for the trial.

Should accurately share your opinion on the war/Sherman's March
Ask Qs of witnesses to prove guilt/innocence
Set up and order the trial so it runs smoothly
Research perspectives on the March to the Sea
Trial Day 2
Opener: Take 10 minutes to finish your case/role

Writing Prompt
On the back of your sheet:

Was Sherman justified in his March to the Sea? Why?
Rest of Class
Finish The Revenant
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