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French Food Assignment

Food Technology.

Shantal Ertel

on 21 March 2011

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Transcript of French Food Assignment

Shallots - This food resembles garlic but tastes like onion and is often used as seasoning and is an ingredient in sauces, soups, dressings and stocks. Main ingredients in French food may include:
Butter - used in sauces,spreads and pastries. Red wine - used in recipes such as beef stew and coq au vin. Cheese - french cheese comes in many varieties and is often associated with french foods. Cheese is often from cow's milk but also milk from ewes and goats. It is eaten alone or in soups, souffles, tarts and fondue. Most french food is sweet or savoury. It is a mix of soft and crunchy, depending on the type of food. Breakfast usually consists of french bread with jam or jelly, a croissants or pain au chocolat with tea or coffee, while children drink hot chocolate from a bowl.
Lunch was once a two hour mid-day meal but have now changed in most towns. Sunday lunch is spent with family while on school days it is not usual for students to bring lunch to school. Instead they eat from the cafeteria.
Dinner often consists of three courses - the entree, main course and dessert or cheese, accompanied by bread, wine and mineral water.
In the past as well as nowadays, France is known for its awesome pastries, such as eclaires. In France the main methods of cookery are baking (desserts), pan frying (meat), flambeing, which is used to add flavour to food at the end of cooking, braising and poaching (a gentle way to simmer food & bring out tender texture) France has many festivities and celebrations. For example christmas eve: after mass, french people have a late dinner. Menus tend to change depending on the area you live in but usually consist of dishes containing turkey, capon, goose, chicken and white pudding. In Australia we can experience french food in restaurants. Main food from France may be purchased in supermarkets. This hardly differs from France, as you can eat a meal in a restaurant and buy products in supermarkets.The variety is greater in France as it is in Australia. The french Festival in Adelaide allows people to experience the french culture. Created in 2000, it celebrates France through shows, concerts, artists, chefs and winemakers, games and its most renowned tourism attractions. Main flavours Methods of cookery FRANCE french food made and sold in australia Main ingredients french food in australia Religious festivities Utensils and cooking equipment In France they use the same cooking utensils as we do in Australia, for example spoons and knifes. Past and present eating habits
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