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Future gaming consoles

No description

Howard Battersby

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Future gaming consoles

Game consoles
Gaming consoles
Xbox 1
Detail 3
The Xbox 1 also features Kinect, a feature first started by the Xbox 360. In fact, motion controls started when the Wii came out in 2006.
Wii U
Released on November 18 2012, the Wii U is the first console to come out in the eighth generation of consoles. While it is the first console to come out, it is only slightkly more powerful than the Xbox 360 or PS3
Sony Playstation 4
The PS4 is a next-gen console from Sony which seems to be the best deal of the 3 consoles coming out. Priced at £349.99, £100 cheaper than the Xbox 1 and £100 more expensive than the Wii U
Next gen consoles
These are the next gen consoles which will change our lives forever
This console is highly underrated under the PS4 especially with the decisions that Microsoft made, such as
PS4 also has a motion control sensor bar called the Playstation Eye.
The Xbox 1 has Kinect, which uses voice and action commands.
Clearly, the Xbox 1 is the underdog of this race.
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