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The Matrix

No description

Berfin Özbolat

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of The Matrix

By: Lorena, Verena, Berfin The Matrix Plot Summary Protagonist/Antagonist Film analysis - scene I Film analysis - scene II Utopian or dystopian? Overview Neo is tracked by agents at his workplace
Gets help from a strange caller but agents are able to catch him
They want to capture the “terrorist” Morpheus, Neo refuses, suddenly his mouth becomes overgrown
awakes at home like he had a nightmare Hacker Trinity contacts Neo to bring him to Morpheus tells him that he is a captive of “the Matrix” offers possibility of release
Neo agrees and “awakes”
His real body and nearly all other humans lie in tube-like containers big breeding construction Neo gets saved by Morpheus and his crew
long time ago: war between humans and human-made machines, equipped with artificial intelligence humans lost
Humans for the generation of energy
His whole life was only part of computer program Matrix
only one human city is left, Neo seems to be the chosen one Neo gets killed by the agents
He reincarnated is now able to see and manipulate the code of the Matrix, kills the agents
End: Neo announces that he will rescue all captive humans Neo Mr. Smith profile quotes Name: Thomas A. Anderson/NEO
Age: approx. 30
Profession: program writer
Hobby: computer hacker

Character traits:
strong Scene 1: Decision between the red and the blue pill

Field size: Morpheus: extreme close-up, Neo: close up ; Morpheus: very insistent, present & important ; Neo reserves
future is dependent on Morpheus’ offer
Camera movements: static shots from different cameras ; characters shown from different perspectives
Camera positions: mixture between over-the-shoulder shot & reverse-angle shot either Morpheus or Neo shown ; there can only be seen facial expressions of one character, not of both at the same time reactions cannot be seen
Camera angles: eyelevel shot ; both characters at the same level (no one presented superior), pills create connection between two people that were strangers before Scene 2: Neo realises that he is the One

Field size: close-ups of both characters - facial expressions; medium shot of Neo when he is hit by the bullet
Camera movements: camera moves flexibly in all directions - underlines action in the scene
Camera positions: in the beginning: over-the-shoulder shot from the perspective of Mr Smith; it seems as if the observer himself is shooting at Neo - very dramatic effect
Camera angles: high-angle shot when Neo is hit by the bullet, seems as if he is at Mr Smith’s mercy; low-angle shot when Mr Smith shoots at Neo; he seems superior and powerful
Special: slow motion: bullet falls on the ground - again a very dramatic effect that is suitable for the scene Dystopian:
Humans lost war against human-made machines
Earth became dark, hostile place without sunlight
Humans bred & misused by machines
Live their whole life in unreal world
Few hopes to be rescued from situation Utopian:
On the basis that machines conquered the earth:
Humans found possibility to escape from breeding station to help other people in Matrix
A few humans had survived ; still possibility to change everything into a better direction Thank you for your attention! :) Any questions? Morpheus: "Do you believe in fate, Neo?"
Neo: "No."
Morpheus: "Why not?"
Neo: "Because I don't like the idea that I'm not in
control of my life."

wants to manage life on his own, for him logical thinking is the only way - first does not believe in higher authorities Name: Mr Smith
Age: approx. 40
Profession: leader agent of the Matrix

Character traits:
no idividuality
dominant Mr. Smith: "You're going to help us, Mr. Anderson... Whether you want it or not." Definitely dystopian! more dystopian aspects (more severe than utopian ones) utopian aspects only considerable when dystopian events have already taken place does not care about people's feelings, only interested in achieving aims of Matrix Creative idea Rewrite one scene of the movie
funny instead of dystopian and serious

The world would be as Morpheus shows to Neo ("mistakes" the humans made in the past destroyed the earth)
BUT: humans are fortuned God and his angels help them and avoid the humans decline
Neo is the new prophet and has to deliver the good news that God is still by the humans' side

Make you think about: did we achieve our goal to create an utopian story?
Enter into a discussion with you later. Plot summary


Minor characters

Scene analysis I + II


Creative idea & discussion Trinity: computer programer and
hacker who escaped the Matrix
sophisticated, strong woman
is in love with Neo but
conceals feelings
reincarnates him by kissing him
finally: beginning of a romantic relationship Morpheus: captain of team against the Matrix Oracle told him to be the person who finds "the One"
finds Neo His task: convince Neo of being "the One" and integrating him in the reality Do you consider the presentation of our creative idea also to be utopian? Do you believe the funny way of presenting it did influence you in your decision? Can you imagine that one of the presented stories (either the original or our own one) could become true? Discussion Minor characters http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTt6-8l80dU
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