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My life so far I3W1D3

No description

English4callcenters .com

on 6 April 2016

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Transcript of My life so far I3W1D3

Mental Training
Practice your mental training with your coach and repeat with confidence
My life so far
By the end of this lesson, you will be able to:
Share your achievements with others

Talk about the goals that you have reached, and the ones that are to come

Encourage others to fight for their dreams
Warm up
Pair up and answer the questions below. Then share your answers with the class
How different is your life from when you were in high school?

What was your neighborhood like when you were a kid?

What was a good decision you made last year?
Pair up, think about these people's lives and answer the questions.
Let's talk!
Come to the front of the class, and tell us detail by detail about your first memory

I remember that I was 5 years old, and my dad took me to the "Parque infantil." Everything was great, we took a ride on the little train, and we had some ice cream. It was a perfect day.
Quote of the day
Check out the following quote, and give your opinion about it.
Phrasal Verbs
Check the following phrasal verbs and include them in our daily speech.
Look back:
When you think about something in the past, in your life.

Whenever I look back into the mistakes I've made, I feel bad.

Take back:
to remove/undo some things you have done or said?

I would like to
take back
my bad actions.
Have you ever felt like taking back something you have done or said to someone?
Wrap Up
I'm a fantastic person

I'm good in English

English is very easy.
Fluency diet review
Pair up and answer the questions below. Then, your coach will select some students to go to the front
How do you make a salad?

What did you do on Valentine's Day?

What would you do if you saw someone get ran over?
30 seconds non-stop
Grammar Review
Your coach will explain to you the grammar chart. Pay attention
Steve Jobs
Cholo Moco
Is it important the way you raise your children?
How do you think their life is different?
What thoughts do you get from this quote?
Describe in your own words what you did since you walked into E4CC until now

Your coach will select 1 or 2 students to go to the front and they will do a recap
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