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United States of America Presidential Election

No description

Eleanor Hall

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of United States of America Presidential Election

The US Presidential Election Democrat Republican Different types of Media - The economy of America effects the global market and with two very different opinions on how to combat America's deficit it would be a defining decision for America. (Obama has been very clear about his plans, but Romney won't go into specifics)

- 'Obamacare' would repealed and America would go back to having a privatised system of healthcare where citizens were not required to have it. (If Romney became President)

- Obama is withdrawing all troops from Afghanistan and taking cut-backs on military (he has already withdrawn the majority of troops from Iraq). Romney wants to increase military funding and size and feels that withdrawing all troops from Iraq and afghanistan wasn't the best option for minimizing casualties and keeping a democratic government in Iraq.

-Obama would legalise gay marriage and America being on board would be a major catalyst for the rest of the western society. How the leadership of each President might effect the world - Personal values & my parent's values
- The Presidential debates
The Media:
- The New York Times
- Foreign Affairs (magazine)
- Comedy and Political Satire (Jon Stewart Daily Show and The Colbert Report)
- Fox News What influenced my opinion? I think that through what I've read and what the polls have been showing that President Barrack Obama will win the election. This is because he's got a stronger economic plan and people want to keep a nationalised scheme of healthcare, but I think it will be a very close election. Who do I think will win? -More conservative and religious (believe abortion shouldn't be allowed)
-Want to withhold gun rights
-Does not believe in gay marriage
-Believes in privatised medicare
-Interested in a larger military
-Wants to lower corporate taxes by 25% and cut taxes and regulations to encourage businesses
-Is not as keen on green energy, wants to build a new pipeline -More liberal views, very interested in developing green energy
-Is pro-choice on abortion
-The party isn't very keen on the current distribution of guns (but nothing has been done about it in his last term)
-Has taken a stand on gay marriage and will institute it, if re-elected president
-Has developed the first form of government nation-wide medicare (popularly known as Obamacare)
-Is cutting the military
-Wants to repeal Bush tax cuts for households earning more than $250 000, wants to raise taxes for the wealthy and cut taxes for the manufacturing industry Left Wing Biased Right Wing Biased
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