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Tropism Experiment

Tropism Experimanet

Ken Sanders

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Tropism Experiment

Tropism Project
by Robby Sanders Day 1 Watch this flower especially I did graviotropism for my experiment so I laid my plant on its side. I hypothesized that that stems would bend upward, so watch for that over the next couple of days. Day 3 On day 3 of my experiment not much has moved, but you can start to see the flowers change directions, and face upwards. Again, watch this flower carfully! Day 5 After 5 days the flowers really started to bend upwards because of the change in direction of the way gravity was pulling on them. This flower has now raised 3.5 inches from it original starting place. Day 8 Now, the tropism is at its full effect. The one flower is almost completely straight up, and although the other flowers bending isn't as obvious, it is happening. This flower is showing the most obvious response to the tropism (as it is now over 5 inches high), but the others are responding. Day 12 You can much more easily see the bending in these stems although it's still not as obvious as the main flower. Now the plant is 6 inches outwards, 5.5 inches upwards, has 6 flowers, and 2 flower buds. It has grown more than 4.5 inches upwards, but it has stayed the same length outward This flower is now over 5.5 inches tall. That means that it has risen more than 4.5 inches from its original place on day 1 THE END!
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