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No description

Max Artamonov

on 22 September 2012

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Transcript of Vacuum

is dangerous stuff! GAUGES! vacuum you never knew and were too busy to ask 3 things about VACUUM What is a vacuum anyway?! 1 1ATM=760 torr VACUUM! Anything less = Why do we need vacuum 2 a ? Keep surfaces free of contaminants. Process films with low density of impurities. Maintain plasma discharge for sputtering sources. For large mean free path for electrons and molecules. A vacuum system consists of chamber, pumps and gauges. NO ONE CARES ABOUT CHAMBERS! PUMPS! Positive displacement pumps Molecular pumps Entrapment pumps Hydrostatic Mechanical or elastic Depends on what range of vacuum is needed.  Capacitance manometer Thermal conductivity Ion gauges hot cathode cold cathode VACUUM Remember! Pressure difference may produce unwanted results. Did you know vacuum have MSDS table? Well, it does! Go look it up! How do you make 3 ? a Lets go to the PUMPS! ATM 10 Torr 0.1 Torr 10-3 Torr 10-6 Torr 10-9 Torr Rough (Low-Medium) Vacuum High Very High Ultra High Rotary Piston Rotary Piston Screw Roots Diffusion Turbo-Drag Hybrid  Ion pumps  Cryopumps Hydrostatic Capacitance Manometer Mechanical Baratron Thermocouple Cold Cathode
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