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Blended Learning for Blended Learners

No description

Cammy Goucher

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Blended Learning for Blended Learners

Cammy Goucher
Benton Elementary
Neosho, MO

Because some days it feels like this!

Why Blended Learning?

Benton Elementary

Central Elementary

Carver Elementary

Photos from http://neoshopublicschools.net/

South Elementary

Neosho Middle School

Neosho Jr. High & High School

Goodman Elementary

<iframe src="https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1NaYrzjrya-6d3rm1YzKZ38gXh2MW2s0wZ1ZwYi6cbRE/viewform?embedded=true" width="760" height="500" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0">Loading...</iframe>
Google Form
Google Forms for Teachers
Aspire Public Schools. " Blended Learning 101", | Aspire Public Schools. Aspire Public Schools, 2013. Web. 18 Nov. 2013. <http://aspirepublicschools.org/sharing-practices/blended-learning/>.
http://digitallearningnow.com/dln-smart-series/ | The Blended Learning Implementation Guide Version 2.0
Twitter https://twitter.com/LearningAccel | Digital Learning Now! (@DigLearningNow) Foundation for Excellence in Education (@ExcelinEd)

Student Auras.
eTEK training
ESL forms - progress sheet
ESL form - CCSS record keeping
ESL form - CCSS record keeping spreadsheet
Explain Everything
Common core emphasis on research. Students need to know how to find information, determine validity, how to cite the info, and how to incorporate it into their learning. Teacher created evaluation form (google doc) used to evaluate whether the source is reliable.
5 min. video
up to 15 min. of video
Top 10 Key Ingredients

1. Face-to-Face Instruction + Conferences
2. Student-to-Student Collaborations
3. Independent Practice & Online Activities
4. Reinforcement Mechanisms: Wall-Mounted Progress Charts, Milestone Celebrations, Individual Growth, etc.
5. Personal Progress Monitoring: Student Accountability + Ownership + Reflection
6. Assessments: Academically Rigorous | Continually Connected to Common Core & Data Review
7. Data Review: Dedicated Time for Teachers to Analyze Data + Make Adjustments to PLPs
8. Station Support: Materials | Routines | IT | Blended Learning Teaching Assistants
9. Ongoing PD: Tutorials | Instructional Coaching | Online Discussion Board | Best Practices
10. Adaptation: Students-first mindset. Right Tool. Right Time. Right Purpose.
Common core emphasis on research. Students need to know how to find information, determine validity, how to cite the info, and how to incorporate into their learning. Teacher created evaluation form (google doc) used to evaluate whether the source is reliable ( I downloaded evaluating resources form also can look at
Hi Cammy,

Congratulations on becoming an inaugural member of the StoryBots Educator Network. We are so happy to have you!

You can start using StoryBots learning tools in your class today, including the ABC Videos (on the web or for iPad/iPhone), Starring You Videos, Starring You Books, Tap & Sing, Learning Videos, Activity Sheets, and more.

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Happy Teaching!
Melissa Cunningham
Teacher Liaison & Director Strategic Partnerships
StoryBots | JibJab Media Inc.
How to make a Google form
* Blended Learning: definition
*Models of Implementation
*10 Drivers of BL
*Types of BL
*Top 10 Key Ingredients
*Rotation Model
*Resourses and Examples
Blended Learning for
Blended Learners
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