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team tennis

No description

lis lab3

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of team tennis

Team Tennis
By: Chandni and Elizabeth D.
What is the name of our sport?
Where did the sport begin?
It began in the 12 century.
Where did this sport begin?
North of France
What do people say when they play this sport ?
four love, love 40, advantage back hand, fault,baseline,racket serve, ground stroke,half volley,volley, set point, and umpire.
What is the goal of this sport?
The goal of this game is to win. You are against an opponent and you try to make them hit it out.
What kind of equipment do you need
to play tennis? You need a racket,tennis ball,
and a net.

Where do you play this sport?
You play it on the tennis court.
A famous tennis player is Maria Sharapava. She won the Various honors. Including 2012 and 2014 french open and silver medal in woman's singles at the 2012 olympics. she was born on April 19, 1987. She started playing at the age of 6. In Russia. She was taken by her father to Florida. She token lessons. Now she is a pro.
My famous person is serena williams and she was born on September 26 1981. She won 19 grand slams and is ranked number one of the best womans ennis player.
When I was 6 years old I took tennis classes. Now I play tennis with my friends and cousins when they come over. There is two tennis in my neighborhood so I can play it with my friends. I watch tennis. i got inspired by my cousin. the end
Elizabeth D. : When I started watching tennis I liked how they moved and hit the ball. I especially enjoyed watching serena. When I enter LHS I want to do tennis in the summer.
Thanks for watching!
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