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Week Nine: Discipleship Tools for the Missional Church

No description

Gene Maynard

on 30 July 2018

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Transcript of Week Nine: Discipleship Tools for the Missional Church

MBS582: Discipleship Tools and Church Growth
Introducing Discipleship into Attractional Church Model
Challenging the Hypotheses of Attractional Church
Hypothesis #1:
the more people are involved in church activity (worship, small groups, serving) the closer they grow to Christ

Hypothesis #2:
non-Christians are attracted to Christ by worship and programs that are interesting, high-quality, and entertaining.
What "Reveal"
Actually Found
1) Worship and church programs DO NOT lead to spiritual growth

2) Spiritual growth is all about increasing relational closeness to Jesus Christ (spiritual practices)

3) Changed lives -- not style and programs -- attracts non-Christians to Jesus Christ
Your Mission: 30 Minutes
Form two groups.

Your group has been hired as a consultant to help transform an attractional church focused on "nickels and noses" into a church focused on helping people change through discipleship.

You have 15 minutes to prepare a presentation to the church board on why change is needed and steps the church should take.

You have 8 minutes for your group to present your findings.
Nickels and Noses
Let's Talk About It
Correcting a Faulty Definition
of Salvation
Your Mission in Pictures
Keep Reading

Keep Practicing

Keep Following Jesus
Salvation that Leaves Lives Unchanged after Salvation
Easy Believism (Salvation)
In many Christian circles it seems that all that is necessary to be a Christian is

1) believe certain things, and

2) say a certain prayer.
"Easy Believism" =
Bar Code Christianity
"Easy Believism" Leads
to No Life Change
Your Mission: 30 Minutes
Form two groups.

You are hired as an expert in discipleship to create a real emphasis on discipleship in a church that says it wants to see people grow spiritually but has no evidence of life change except nickels and noses. Where would you start? What would you recommend?

15 minutes to put together your report

8 minutes to give your report to the church leadership team.
Let's Talk About It
The Question of This Course
What would happen if...
...a majority of those who claim to follow Christ were



centered on the essentials of
God's Word
Two "Expert" Witnesses
Dallas Willard:
The Cost to Follow Jesus
Bill Hull: The Gospel without Discipleship IS NOT the Gospel
Suggest a Scenario
Do 2 Case Studies
Ask a Question
One Outcome of Attractional Churches
from this...
to this...
This Week:
July 29, 2018
Dr. Gene Maynard
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