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Cell Energy

For Ms. Burgess's Biology class

David Helbling

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Cell Energy

Cell Energy
The first stage of cellular respiration. Converts Glucose into 2 Pyruvic Acid, 2 ATP, and electron carriers like ADP, NAD+,and NADH.
Cellular Respiration
Krebs Cycle
Uses Oxygen, Pyruvic Acid, and electron carriers. Makes 30-38 ATP, and recharges electron carriers. Produces the waste product CO2.
Electron Transport Chain
Takes place in the cristae (the folds) of the mitochondria. Uses Electron cariers that enter through the ion pumps in the cristae, and breaks them down in a chain of reactions creating 32 ATP, leaving 2H+, which is accepted by O2 , resulting in the waste product water.
Light Cycle
The first stage of photosynthesis. Uses sunlight and Water to create ATP and the waste product O2. Takes place in the Thylacoid
Calvin Cycle
Uses CO2, and ATP (Made in light cycle)to make Glucose. Takes place in the Stroma
CO2 + Water ----> Sugars + Oxygen + ATP
Sugars + Oxygen -----> CO2 + Water + ATP

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