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Ethanol Production from Corn

No description

Brenda Suhan

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Ethanol Production from Corn

How is Ethanol Produced from Corn? Made from fermentation of sugars from corn Wet milling or dry milling Innovations Agriculture Forestry Wastes Residues California plans on testing sugar cane, animal feed, and waste Cold starch fermentation Corn fractionation Corn oil extraction "Green" Benefits Ethanol has less energy than gasoline, meaning it takes more ethanol to travel the same distance Less greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline Fermentation Reaction Equation C6H12O6 2 CH3CH2OH + 2 CO2 Products: ethanol and carbon dioxide Reactants: carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen No catalyst Renewable Simple sugars converted into ethanol & carbon dioxide by zymase,
an enzyme from yeast Using ethanol instead of gasoline reduces
carbon dioxide emmisons by nearly 30% Allow for more efficient, better use of natural resources Increases yields Balanced equation An equation must be balanced in order to predict what will occur during the reaction. The number of atoms of each element on the
reactant side must be the same as on the product side.
Atoms in = Atoms out Real World Applications and Impact Coefficients have to be the smallest possible
and cannot be fractional Balancing Equations Do not change subscripts - only coefficients Boosts economy
Supported nearly 400,000 jobs in 2009 Reduces dependence on foreign oil Increased household incomes by $16 billion Contains 35% oxygen In 2009, the amount of ethanol improves air quality by as much as taking 2.7 million cars off the roads Gives more energy than it uses Catalysts go above arrow between reactants and products Gasoline contains benzene, a carcinogen; ethanol is non-toxic Produced from plants Cleanest and best fuel for car engines
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