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Ethical and Legal Considerations Reflection

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jessica blalock

on 1 September 2014

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Transcript of Ethical and Legal Considerations Reflection

Teachers are not only providers of education to the students, they are there to protect the students and keep them out of harm. Teachers are to respect each student as they would want to be respected. Teachers are to not show favoritism towards any student, allow each student to feel important and have that personal relationship to feel protected and trusted. Teachers should also respect the student and parents wishes on an ethical and legal level.
Ethics of Teaching
Teachers should make sure to communicate with parents about any information that would help assist the student
Teachers should understand that the quality of education is not only important to the student but to the community. The teacher should be sure to respect the common goal by the board of education, the public, and other educators.
Ethical and Legal Considerations towards Parents
The teacher should not give out personal information about their students, unless required by law.
The teacher will protect each student from harm, especially if it is detrimental to their learning, health, or safety
The teacher does not intentionally expose the student to disparagment.
Teachers should obey all laws enforced by the place of employment and state they are teaching in
Demonstrate personal integrity
Teachers must continue with professional growth to better assist their students on all levels
Teacher must comply with all written school policies and regulations by law
Ethical Consideration towards the Practice
Ethical and Legal Considerations Reflection
Jessica Blalock
Dr.Kenneth Best

Ethical Considerations toward Students
Reference Page
Association of AmericanEducators. (2013). Retrieved from www.aaeteachers.org
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