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Medical and Health

No description

sohaib s

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Medical and Health

High school
Medicine and Health
Medical Secretary
Psychiatric Aide
Dental Hygienist
Dental Assistant
Vary in every province and territory
Requires a high school diploma
1 year dental assistant program
High school diploma and trained on the job
In Ontario you need an additional 1 year program to the OSSD

Core Tasks and Duties
Clean and sterilize dental equipment and set up trays for dental procedures
Make patients feel as relaxed as possible
Take x-rays of patients’ mouths
Pass instruments to the dentist as needed
Operate suctioning device to keep patients’ mouths dry

Personal Attributes
Good with people
An interest in health issues and oral hygiene
Dental oriented
Work well with your hands
Addictions Counsellor
Varies in every province and territory
Requires a College Degree (2-4 years)
The Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation (CACCF) offers the International Certified Alcohol and Drug Counsellor (ICADC) certification
Some Provinces require an internship in addition to the certification

Core Tasks and Duties
Meet with clients to assess the extent of their addictions
Develop treatment plans or refer clients to recovery programs
Counsel, support, and encourage clients through the recovery process
Monitor clients’ progress and write reports
Educate the public on addiction prevention

Personal Attributes
Understanding and empathetic
Communication and listening skills
Good with people
Post-Secondary Programs
Addictions Studies and Counselling
Aboriginal Addictions Counselling and Prevention
Counselling Psychology
Social Work
Counselling Skills
International Certified Alcohol and Drug Counsellor (ICADC) certification

Trauma/Addiction Recovery studies Certificate is offered at Algonquin College in Ontario
Environmental Health Officer
Bachelor degree in environmental health, public health, or a related field
Some bachelor degree programs have co-op
Must be certified by the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors (CIPHI)
Candidates required to have an approved bachelor's degree, 12 weeks of acceptable fieldwork experience
Pass an oral exam and submit two field reports

Core Tasks and Duties
Inspect public facilities to make sure health regulations are being followed
Collect samples of food and water for lab testing, and check air quality
Educate owners about health policies and laws
Write reports and issue notices of violation
May inspect industrial plants

Personal Attributes
Communication skills
Knowledge of other languages is useful
Problem-solving skills
Able to work under stress and handle confrontations
Post Secondary Programs
Environmental Health
Public Health
Occupational / Environmental Hygiene
Occupational Health and Safety
Food Science / Food Technology

The Environmental Health Program is offered at York University in Ontario
Electroneurodiagnostic Tech
Training programs are available in some hospitals
Register through the Canadian Board of Registration of Electroencephalograph Technologists (CBRET) and the Board of Registration of Electromyography Technologists of Canada (BRETC)

Core Tasks and Duties
Take patients’ medical histories and prepare them for procedures
Apply electrodes to patients’ heads, chests, arms, legs, or spinal columns
Use equipment to record electrical activity
May write reports summarizing the results
Maintain the equipment

Personal Attributes
Enjoy helping people
Work well with your hands
An aptitude for working with electronic equipment
First aid and CPR training is useful

Post-Secondary Programs
Apprenticeships are offered at some hospital but usually you have to Register through the Canadian Board of Registration of Electroencephalograph Technologists (CBRET) and the Board of Registration of Electromyography Technologists of Canada (BRETC)
The board will designate the hospital to be trained at

Min. High school Diploma (OSSD)
Take business related courses such as;
-Economics / Law
-Business & Management
Be computer literate and be able to use medical software programs
However, most employers prefer to hire people with post-secondary training or experience as a medical secretary.
Core Tasks and Attributes
Greet patients and answer phone calls
Update and organize records and files
Fill out insurance forms and do billing and bookkeeping
Book patients’ appointments and schedule tests and procedures
Transcribe doctors’ diagnoses and recommendations
Must act ethically and use good judgement
Written and oral communication skills are valuable
Must be detail-oriented and organized
To greater your chances of being accepted to this career, you can take a Post-Secondary Program.

You can get a diploma at many colleges in Ontario. Humber College offers a diploma in Medical Administration. Obtaining this diploma will qualify you better for this career.
- a solid background in the sciences and theory related to pre-hospital emergency care;
- the practical skills to deal with medical emergencies;
- knowledge of and the ability to work in accordance with health and safety regulations and the Ambulance Act, as well as other Acts and regulations specific to the field of paramedics in Ontario;
- the theory and skills needed to communicate effectively with patients and other emergency team members.
Core tasks and Attributes
Travel to scenes of emergencies, such as car accidents or heart attacks
Give care and treatment to patients and take them to the hospital
May open airways, give oxygen, shock stopped hearts, or administer medication
The kind of treatment provided depends on the province and level of training
Be mature and compassionate
They should also be able to lift and carry heavy loads.
Good eyesight is important.
It is recommended to take the following courses in high school;
-Health & Physical Education
Take First Aid and CPR Courses
Any other requirements from College Program
The college diploma you can get is a 2-year 'Paramedic' diploma. You can obtain it at the St. Lawrence College in Kingston. Graduates will be provided with;
Need to be an excellent student, earning good grades in high school.
It is recommended to take the following in high school;
- Computer Science and Technology
- Biology
- Chemistry
- Physics
- Math
Core Tasks and Attributes
Determine the type of imaging to use
Direct medical imaging techs as they use x-ray machines and other equipment
Interpret images to diagnose problems
Make recommendations about further exams and possible treatments
May treat diseases using imaging technology or radiation

Be an excellent communicator
have an analytical mind and strong decision-making skills
be patient, compassionate, and able to withstand stress and long hours at work.
You can get a Bachelors degree in Health Physics and Radiation Science (BSc). The University of Ontario Institute of Technology provides this 4-year program.

Learning takes place in a variety of settings including lectures, tutorials, field visits, and laboratories
There are no strict educational requirements for phlebotomists. However, it is important to have a high school diploma, as well as training in a relevant field.

Taking science based courses in High school is extremely beneficial
Core Tasks and Abilities
Use a needle to draw blood from patients
Measure patients’ vital signs
Label blood samples
May help lab techs test blood samples
Perform general office duties

Must be strong communicators who work well as part of a team.
Be able to make patients feel comfortable, and calm them if they are anxious.
Good organizational skills
You can get apply for an apprenticeship by a facility that offers such a program. One may be able to do this with the Canadian Blood Services and work under them for a period of time
Made by: Maya, Richard and Sohaib
Highschool diploma at least
Trained on the job
Past experience relevant to job (health care aide, mental health, personal support worker)
Core Tasks and Duties
Psychiatric aides work with patients with a variety of mental or emotional difficulties
Some aides work with specific groups of patients, such as seniors or those who have suffered brain injuries
Others provide care to a wide range of people
Aides also assist in providing basic nursing care for the patients
Personal Attributes
Most require at least 1 year of university studies
High school diploma
Degree can be achieved from the National Dental Hygiene Certification Board (NDHCB)
Degree can be acquired through Camosun College of British Columbia
Core Duties
Maintain dental health of patients
Exam the patient for information regarding dental health
Maintain dental records
Personal Attributes
Good with people
Able to calm people who are scared or pained
Concern for people
Hand-eye coordination
Work well with your hands
Have at least a bachelor's or master's degree to apply for medicine school
Write and pass the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)
Take medicine school for 3-4 years at least depending on field
Pass the certificate exams administered by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
Can attend McGill University to achieve degree and medical diploma
Core Tasks and Duties
Diagnose patients illness or injury
Treat the patients or provide a way of treatment
Interact with nurses, medical lab technicians, physiotherapistss, and other health care professionals
Administrative work
Personal Attributes
Able to work under stress
Dental Lab Assistant
Highschool diploma
Vary from province and territories
One year of technical institute
This can be achieved through the National Dental Assistant Examining Board
Core Tasks and Duties
Work closely with dentists
Take care of patients
Aid dentists in treating patients
Keep the work station neat and tidy
Personal Attributes
Good with people
An interest in health issues and oral hygiene
Work well with your hands
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