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Second Cup Franchising Steps

No description

Maya Bielecki

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Second Cup Franchising Steps

Second Cup Opening a Franchise by Edward Chen, Noor Naeem, Danny Ma, Anson Lau and Maya Bielecki 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Step 2: Submit Online Application - Two application processes, both online

- First is very short quick and easy to pass

- Ensures you meet the basic requirements to run a second cup franchise

- Lets you know immediately if you’ve passed

- Passing the first application grants accessibility to second application Step 2: Submit Online Application - The second Application is concise and fluid
- Makes it much simpler to apply for a Second Cup franchise
- Straightforward questions Step 1: Learn about Second Cup Step 3: Pre-Screening Qualification - a comfortable and convenient telephone interview follows the online submission
- Second Cup will ask questions regarding your application & your suitability to own a franchise Step 4: Conducting Due Diligence - Due diligence is the research/analysis done before accepting a business opportunity
- You, as a new franchisee should do research on Second Cup to ensure that it’s the right career for you Step 5: Interview and Evaluations - You will be asked to meet with our team in Mississauga, Ontario to discuss in more detail your application
- You will also be evaluated on the development plan you envision for the region you are interested in
- Overall, Second Cup will try to get to know as a franchisee better, and the ideas that you will contribute to the franchise Second Cup is the largest Canadian specialty cafe franchisor and the second largest retailer of specialty coffee. I always joke that I have the best job in the world because I get to drink good coffee all day long and talk to people. I think people would be surprised at how passionate and how hands-on this business is, as well as how rewarding it is to build relationships and see your business grow.” Susanne Flewwelling – Champlain Place, Moncton, New Brunswick “Imagine yourself at the helm of a business where you have created a neighborhood oasis. A sanctuary that coffee lovers want to frequent on a daily basis, where they feel genuinely appreciated and can comfortably enjoy their time with you. This is what owning a Second Cup has means for me.” Jack Poladian Mega Centre, Laval, Quebec Step 6: Site Discussions and Secure Financing - Second Cup will help you choose a location that isn't too close to any other coffee stores, has a high amount of traffic, and is convenient for you Financial Requirements
- Franchise startup fee of $40 000 - Liquid assets: $120 000
- Net Worth: $350 000
- Good credit rating and at least $30 000+ in working capital
- Second Cup will assist in your loan application for the startup fee/construction costs Franchise Agreement Execution
and Six Weeks Training - 9% royalty fee (much lower than some of our highest competitors, which can go up to 20%)
- 3% advertising fee towards the national cooperative marketing fund - Second Cup will provide you with six weeks of training to ensure that you have all the skills necessary to run a store by yourself Step 8: Cafe Opening - Second Cup handles all location negotiations and enters into a tenancy agreement with the landlord.

- Congratulations! Bibliography:
http://media.therecord.com/images/1f/42/9f9ce99349198e7295a18ea349ec.jpg We hope you choose to join our team!
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