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Music 1900-1910

No description

Cassie Graham

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Music 1900-1910

Music 1900-1910 1890 In the 1890s, Music started to begin its rise. Music and instruments began to sell in substantial quantities. Sheet music was expensive, but by the 1900's, a new printing process was made. It made it much easier to print and sell music.
In 1899 Scott Joplin's ragtime song "Maple Leaf Rag" became a hit. It was the first ragtime song to become a sheet music top seller. Jazz Another type of music, Jazz, was beginning to make a name too. It was a slower more relaxing type of music than ragtime. In new Orleans, Jazz music flourished. Buddy Bolden is recognized for being the first person to compose jazz-type music. Recording Phonographs and gramophones were the first machines used to record music. A person would sing or play directly into the horn, and no speakers or amplifiers would be used. In 1925, electric recordings and microphones started being used. Radio By 1903 the radio was invented. It was a way to broadcast music so people could hear what was popular in the music world. 1910 The 1910's were called the ballroom decade. Most restaurants were equipped with a dance floor, so couples could eat and then dance the night away. People wrote songs of love, patriotism and the American Dream. This music was a more relaxed sophisticated sound that mixed jazz and orchestra. Music made a huge influence
during the great depression. Many
people listened to music searching
for inspiration and to escape everyday life. The Great Depression
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