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Solar for your home

From site assessment to grid connection

David Vonesch

on 29 September 2012

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Transcript of Solar for your home

Roof measurements - dimensions, azimuth, slope
Shading - SolMetric IPV app, Solar Pathfinder

Routing back to electrical panel
Electrical system
Space for a 2-pole breaker (or more)
min 100A panel for a 3kW system System size limitations:
Budget ($)
Roof space (sqf)
Electricity use in home (hopefully)
Sketching roof and placing solar modules
hand sketch, google sketchup, other
Predicting Energy Production
PVWatts, RETScreen, SolMetric IPV Export @ 15¢/kWh ! Compensation in Alberta TODAY
Retail rate + ~3.5c/kWh for energy produced and used 'in-house'
15c/kWh (or retail rate) for exported energy
What about tomorrow or 10 years from now?
Defining 'Payback' and 'ROI'
Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) Analysis From site assessment to installation Grid Connected Solar PV Understanding
Grid Tied PV Systems Site Assessment Preliminary design Economic Analysis South = 180° azimuth 210° azimuth 210° azimuth ..Contact solar contractor(s) for detailed design, quote, & energy production estimate
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