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Output Devices ~*


Maria Mulberry

on 13 November 2009

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Transcript of Output Devices ~*

Output Devices ~* Speakers Printer Monitor Most computers are fitted with a small internal speaker which can produce beeping sounds to alert you if you make an error. Disadvantages * The output from speakers can disturb others who are trying to work
High quality external speakers can be expensive Advantages* Everyone in the room can hear the output from the computer.
They can help create an atmosphere or ambiance to accompany a presentation
They help blind people to use the computer because text can be converted into sound Printers are used to create a 'hard' copy of your work i.e. something that you can hold, hand to someone else or file away. A monitor (or screen) is the most commonly used output device.
They come in many different shapes, sizes and forms.
The picture on a monitor is made up of thousands of tiny coloured dots called pixels. Plotters Plotters are a specialist type of printer which is able to draw high quality images on very large pieces of paper, for example 3 foot wide by 10 foot long. Lights Lights such as LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) can be connected to a computer and respond to electrical signals which tell them to switch on and off. Advantages * Disadvantages * They can be used in a computer control simulation and help provide evidence that the simulation is working correctly
They can provide a warning for users with hearing loss who might not be able to hear the error beeps produced by the internal speaker.
They come in a large range of different colours The bulb may break or wear out and need replacing
There may be a loose connection which means the light doesn't switch on even if the circuit or control program is correct Dot-Matrix Printer These were the first type of printers to be used in homes and schools but they are not used much nowadays.
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