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Media Portrayal of Interracial Relationships

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Abigail Reilly

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Media Portrayal of Interracial Relationships

Media Portrayal of Interracial Relationships
Dr. Watson's "Big Question":
How does this effect Black psychology?
Dominic Boyd, Kayla Ingram, Nicole Neal, Abby Reilly, Kayla Shaw
Laws Against Race-Mixing
1664 - Ban of marriages between Whites and slaves.
1691 - Ban of all interracial marriages and exile Whites who marry persons of color.
1871- Andrew King wanted a constitutional ban on interracial marriage
Pace v. Alabama 1883 - First case to question the violation of civil rights due to the ban on interracial marriage.
1912 - Second attempt to revise the constitution in order to ban interracial marriages
Cable Act of 1922
1928 - Former governor of South Carolina makes the final attempt to ban interracial marriages in the US constitution

Laws Against Race-Mixing
1964 case of Mclaughlin vs Florida ruled that statute in Florida banning interracial relationships was a violation of the fourteen amendment(US Supreme Court)
1967-Loving vs.Virginia made interracial marriages legal in all 50 states . Overturns the Pace vs.Alabama decision
2000- Alabama was the last state to officially legalize interracial marriages
Thomas Jefferson
& Sally Hemming
1743 - 1826
Third President of the United States
Married to Martha Wayles Jefferson, whose half-sister was Sally Hamming.
1773 - 1835
1/4 African Descent
Mother of 6 children, of which only 4 would survive to adulthood.
Three of her children lived in the White society
First Interracial Couples
on Television
Ricky & Lucy Ricardo
The show premiered in 1951 and featured the first interracial couple. Lucy Ricardo was an Anglo woman that married Ricky Ricardo who was Cuban. The television couple caused much controversy.
Tom & Helen Willis
In 1975 the premiere of “The Jeffersons” featured the first interracial relationship between an African American woman and White man. The couple also had two biracial children that appeared on the show.
Facts About "Swirling"
Asians are more likely to marry outside of their race.
Black men are more likely to marry outside of their race than black women.
Asian women are more likely to marry outside of their race than the Asian men
White/Asian marriage have a higher median income especially if the husband is Asian
Cheerio’s 2014 Super Bowl Commercial: featured an interracial couple that included a white woman and an African American male that had an mixed daughter.
Received a lot of negative racial backlash but also received a lot of positive support as well.

Let's be real ...
Websites that Support Interracial Relationships
http://www.mdjunction.com/ (Online Support Groups)
Negative Responses
4:40-7:10 is the important part
3:00-6:00 is the important part
Our Kind Of People: Inside America’s Black Upper Class
by Lawrence Otis Graham
Introduced black upper echelon.
Division between upper echelon and other blacks.
Still suffering from that division today.
Lighter women or different race mostly shown in videos.
Rapper Rick Ross states that complexions are considered for business aspect to reach every race in fanbase.
“White is right”. Lighter the person the closer to white; “Subconsciously men go for lighter female?”
Hip Hop Industry:
Light vs. Dark
Lyrics vs. Video
Examples of Complexion Preference in lyrics:
“…Light, Thick, Cute, OMG…”. “…Walk like a stallion, mixed with italian”. “…Had a redbone chick before, she don’t do it like you do…”. “5’1, brown skin itty bitty waist…” I’m talking to my silky smooth dark skin chocolate women…”
Can be discouraging when growing up in a culture reared by music that is always placing one complexion/ race over another.
Have a Preference but don’t bash those not fitting the description.
If goal is to reach diverse fan base, then use diverse representation in videos.

Hip Hop and
Interracial Couples
Hip Hop has progressed by going from degrading interracial couples to being somewhat accepting because of the impact of interracial celebrity couples.
How are people within the
media and entertainment industry affected?
Celebrities in interracial relationships face much more criticism than we realize. For example, people who disapprove say that interracial relationships never last. Actor Terrance Howard, who dated an Asian woman, stated that he received the most criticism from African Americans. Celebrities often become the recipients of hate mail because of their relationships. One of the celebrities that fall into this category is actress Tamara Mowry-Housley.
1. Do you feel like the media has affected your views of interracial relationships?
2. What is your view of interracial relationships? (Positive or negative?)
3. Do you think interracial relationships are portrayed realistically in the media?
a. If so, do you think the media is portraying interracial relationships in a positive or negative light?
b. If not, what is unrealistic about the media's portrayal of interracial relationships?
75% said that the media did not influence their view of interracial relationships.
All had positive views of interracial relationships.
Onlly 40% said that interracial relationships were not portrayed realisically in the media.
"The biggest problem here is a general overall lack of representation of people of color in films/shows/etc. When people of color are in shows, their race often makes a big difference on how their personality is portrayed. Stereotypes are followed, and thus the people/characters are not displayed accurately, making their relationships also seem unrealistic."
"I don't think they are portrayed negatively, but they aren't portrayed accurately. A lot of shows and ads have single race couples and families. There is such a plethora of culture and ethnicity in the world that isn't indicated through media. Media doesnt do a good job representing the diversity found in American homes."
*of those surveyed, 40% have been or are currently in interratical relationships. 15% are products of interracial marriages
"But like so many interracial couples on network TV these days, Crosby and Jasmine don't discuss their racial and cultural differences. They go to an awkward premarital counseling session at Jasmine's mom's church that leads to a blowout fight when they get home. We never learn if the church is a black church, or whether Crosby feels uncomfortable there. On its face, this seems like tremendous progress. It's a world where interracial couples face no disappointed parents, no odd questions from neighbors, no total strangers asking why their kids are different colors. But as a black man who has been married to a white woman for nearly 20 years, I have to say that a world where interracial couples almost never discuss race doesn't feel real. What it feels like is avoidance."
- Eric Deggans, NPR
On TV, Interracial Couples In A Too-Perfect World
Personal Family History
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