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Government of U.S

No description

Damon Bell

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Government of U.S

The Branches of Government
In the government, there are three amazing branches of government . The Legislate branch, the Executive branch and the Judicial branch. Each branch has a very important role in the government.
Legislative Branch
The Legislative branch includes the Senate and the House of Representatives.
Executive Branch
This has the big man on campus. The president is in this branch.
This branch includes the president, the vice president and the fifteen cabinet levels.
The president does... well presidential stuff like meet with dictators around the world.
There are three different branches of the government.
As you can see each of them play a very important role
Government of U.S
The most important part of the U.S.A
Judicial Branch
Highest court's: The US Supreme Court is made of 9 Justices, the Chief Justice and 8 associate Justices.
The US court system is the federal court system and the state court systems. Although each court system is responsible for hearing certain types of cases, neither is completely independent and they always communicate.
The Senate discusses different problems going on in different countries, including there own.
The Senate sometimes help vote, if needed.
The House of Representatives makes, and passes federal laws, if proved by the president.
1. The Legislative branch
2. The Judicial branch
3. The Executive branch
Barack Obama, the president
you stink like my dogs butt!!!
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