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No description

Katie Ramirez

on 28 August 2018

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Transcript of GRAPHIC ARTS

4 principles of design that you should really remember
Made you look
Dominant Elements
Design Basics
Layout Elements:
Fall 2018
Vol XCIII, No. 311
: the visual arts based on the use of line and tone rather than
three-dimensional work or the use of color.

Includes: photography, printmaking, calligraphy, typography, painting & computer graphics
Graphic Arts: A Definition
Learning to say 'No'
Design Basics
Layout Elements

Contrast is used to create a focal point
Repetition brings cohesion
Alignment means you don't place things randomly
Proximity groups similar items together
Vertical and Landscape
Types of Layouts:
Rule of Thirds:
Layout Terms:
photos, artwork or graphics that extend off of the trim area of a spread
the copy that explains the who, what, where, when, why and how of action in a photo; plan space for every photo to have a caption
External margin:
a margin of white space that will frame the edges of the spread
page number on a book spread; accompanying words/phrases identifying the content are called folio tabs
the place where the left and right pages meet the gutter is often on or two picas wide and is folded as the book comes together
word/s set in large type that attract the reader to the spread; headlines traditionally are placed above copy blocks
Internal margin/spacing:
a consistent amount of white space between elements; traditionally, this has been one pica
a journalistic unit of measurement; one pica = 1/6 of an inch

: the largest eye-catching photo/collection of photos or elements on a spread
: a one-pica line that connects the left and right pages; all design elements should sit on or hang from this line
: the absence of any element
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